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請問災難大電影 最後的片尾曲叫什麼

在PPS裡面的災難大電影 片尾曲 ,請跟我說歌名,還有 如果有歌詞的話請貼給我,感謝喔˙ˇ˙

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  • Amber
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    1 decade ago
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    │曲目│Dating Song

    │演唱│The Cast (電影全體演員)



    ‧此曲取自於喜劇演員、脫口秀主持人Sarah Silverman 和Matt Damon 拍的搞笑MV〈I'm Fxxking Matt Damon〉

    ‧請至YouTube或官方MySpace music or videos試聽

    2009-11-11 21:50:07 補充:

    I'm dating matt damon. Your dating matt damon? Well i'm dating Hannah Montana. She's dating Hannah Montana, backstage, in a concert, turn me on my bandstand, after school, at my locker and beyond. I'm also dating the flava.

    2009-11-11 21:50:32 補充:

    Yeah boy, she's dating flava flav boo, you know what time it is 'cause im dating junie to ahh haa.

    Yeah I know, but it's true flava flavie dates me too. And i swapped with calvin and he swaped with that dude. And were all dating hellboy.

    2009-11-11 21:51:09 補充:

    Oh yeahhhh, they're dating hellboy and im dating the hulk. When I get really mad, I start dating iron man. Might sound wrong but it's true but i date the princess too.

    2009-11-11 21:51:30 補充:

    Ding-dong. Who's that ringing on my bell? The chick whos dating iron man; thats i-ro-n m-an and I like his tin can. Thats really freak 'cause i'm dating wolf.

    "Houuuuuuuu", datin' wolf aint that a pitty 'cause i'm datin those broads from Sex and the City, "Houuuuuuuu".

    2009-11-11 21:52:08 補充:

    He dates the Sex and the city gals. And so I wondered, would wolf really get jealous if he knew we were dating the guy with the big utility belt?

    They're all dating batman havin' dinner in the batcave [?] and holy bathouse, i'm also dating Amy Whinehouse.

    2009-11-11 21:52:33 補充:

    He's dating Amy Whinehouse, down low low low and im dating Jessica Simpson, 'cus it's how i roll roll roll. She's dating jessica simpson oh yeahhhh and I think I might have dated that hot assasain.

    Everyone dates me [?] and im dating that mexican too with the weird hair dou.

    2009-11-11 21:52:56 補充:

    Call it-heads-im dating JT. I'm datin' that male model 'cus hes so fine, and I love to get up in those Calvin Klines. It's true JT dates me once again, but i'm also dating prince caspian.

    I am handsome and i am cool, that's why this Prince dates the kids from Highschool.

    2009-11-11 21:53:53 補充:

    You know what time it is? No what time is it? It's time to date. Date me. Date meee. Date meeeeeee. He dates all us kids in Highschool, under the bleachers, in the showers while were changing for gym class. I'm datin' Oprah. I'm datin' Obama. I'm datin' Indiana's ass.

    2009-11-11 21:54:04 補充:

    Datin' Indiana and i'm dating Hancock. Datin' hancock, and im datin Beowulf.

    You know you like it, and i'm dating Kung Fu Panda. And i'm dating Michael Jackson.

    Hee! Hee! And i'm datin' my animals who sing.

    And were dating Michael Jackson. Everyones datin' us [?] yoooooooooooooooooouu.


    2009-11-11 22:20:40 補充:

    ‧搜尋時可用 Disaster Movie Date Song 去搜尋~

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