Forrest Griffin vs Chuck Liddell?

This was a matchup I always really wanted to see, but now with Chuck's possible retirement, I won't ever get to. If you think about it, Rampage beat Chuck twice, and Forrest beat Rampage. But that was by a call I still consider iffy.

I think it would be largely a striking game. But I honestly would say that if someone would bring it to the ground, it would be Chuck. But I think that Forrest is better on the ground, and would tap the Iceman. I think Forrest's striking outclasses Liddell too, but that's more of a personal opinion.

They are both phenominal fighters, and if Chuck retires we lose one of our best. But my vote goes to Forrest, how about you guys?

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    Chuck Liddell in his prime and know

    Forrest is Great and i mean no disrespect to these fighter or any pro fighters or even some amatuer fighters, they can destroy 99% of people on earth in fights without like a gun or a gang you will lose to a pro fighter.. However as far as this fight goes id give it to liddell, Chuck liddell is a way way better wrestler and if it came down to it could possibly ground and pound Forrest, Chuck wrestled in high school and college he wrestled like 5 years divsion 1 at cal polly and has the best takedown defense in the game..Chuck could easily hang with most heavyweights with the exception of carwin, fedor and lesnar and possibly big nog..If you have ever wrestled or done grappling you will realize it takes a tramendous amount of talent to have great takedown defense a massive amount of times in high school wrestling matches, the first guy to be stronger or to get a first dominant possition wins, simply because their skills arent on great levels and most people have bad takedown defense..its not till you wrestle against stronger and better wrestlers, In his prime Chuck Stomped an All American stronger wrestler Kevin Randleman from taking him down, he also stopped the Olympic wrestler Randy Couture 2 times, when randy was in a way still in his prime...

    Chuck isnt that 1 dimensional..He was a Divsion 1 wrestler and is a purple belt in Brazilian jui jitsu and he has great ground game, its just you dont see it cause its average to most MMA fighters and Liddells Title Fighs were all against top notch fighters who were mostly grapplers...Chuck was also a Kickboxer for years before getting into MMA, he has a pro record of 18 and 2, with 16 k.o.s

    Chuck Also is a black belt in kenpo karate

    and koi khan karate

    Jeremy horn

    is like forrest griffin in a way, its just horn's got way better submissions and takedowns

    Randy Couture in his prime was better than almost all Current MMA fighters know

    with some exceptions

    Tito Ortiz was once top dog


    Rentao sobral was on top of it for a while

    when chuck had his title defenses he really couldnt kick against them

    without being takendown

    if you watch liddell's first fight with couture 1 kick against couture and due to his previous injured knee prevented him from making latteral movements against couture to avoid being slammed down

    Forrest Griffin

    has never had a prime

    has already been k.o. 4 times without evening having a prime

    forrest's win against shogun wasent that impresive as he was getting beat by a gassed forrest most of the fight till he got a rear naked choke..Shogun know would destroy him and back in pride, when he was on them roids..

    Forrest would lose because of 2 reasons..

    to beat liddell you need 2 things..

    1...great ground and pound and great takedowns/takedown defense like him

    if he cannot outstrike you with his fist he will kick you and go for your legs and work your body and counter more with combo's his past fights showed this espically against belfort and bustamante.. must learn to counter liddell's move

    liddell has done good against aggresive fighter's except shogun

    you must also have better hands and equal takedowns and ground game as liddell, thus forcing him to stand, cause if he could gnp someone he would, but if your on the same level it proves pointless

    Forrest Lacks any of that

    Forrest Has no major Great Area

    his submissions arent like Nougeria's or renato's or horn's

    his wrestling and dirty boxing isnt like couture's

    and his gnp and hands arent like rampage nor is he as strong as rampage

    He in my eyes didnt beat rampage

    rampage was foolish and only looked for a k.o. just how liddell did against jardine

    rampage didnt even think about a takedown as forrest kept moving also

    forrest got plenty of damage done to him not to mention in the beging being knocked down

    LIDDELL 2nd round tko, or k.o.

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    Forrest Griffin Vs Chuck Liddell

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    I remember years ago, Griffin called out Chuck Liddell after one of his fights. Back then, Griffin was an upstart after winning TUF. If he would've fought Chuck back then, he would've gotten destroyed.

    Today, I'm not sure who would win. Honestly, I would pick Chuck Liddell to beat Forrest.

    Here's why....

    Forrest is a pretty good fighter. He does have skills, and is well-rounded. BUT, he isn't GREAT at anything. Forrest is more of a standup fighter than a grappler.

    If you look at Forrest's losses, four of his six defeats are from KO's. The last person he KO'd was Elvis Sinosic; and overall, he has three KO's out of sixteen wins.

    Then you look at Chuck Liddell. He has thirteen KOs to his credit, while he has been stopped by KO six times.

    Chuck has lost the last four out of his five fights. Still, I like Chuck for this matchup. If Chuck can train hard and be mentally focused, I think he matches up well against Forrest.

    Chuck has the wrestling pedigree to avoid Forrest's takedowns. Chuck has the edge in power. Both have weak chins. Can Forrest KO Chuck? Sure, he can. But, only three of his wins are from KO's. All of those KO's were either TKO from ground and poundage or stopping the fight on cuts. He's never iced anyone.

    You never know, we may see Chuck fight Forrest.... I did hear Chuck mention he wanted to fight Kimbo Slice. Who knows? Anything can happen in MMA.

    I would rather see Chuck fight Brandon Vera, another fighter who called him out. Brandon is a Muay Thai fighter with good wrestling.

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    Liddell would knock forrest out, Forrest isn't that great of a fighter, he is a jack of all trades master of none type of fighter. Forrest beat Rampage by a close decision, and frankly that's because I don't think Rampage is that great either he's very one dimensional. All Liddell needs is one shot, and the fights over.

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    wow that final reply used to be fairly dull. After final night time's battle, with its reasonably arguable choice, it is a exact probability. The individual who will make the choice, UFC President Dana White, mentioned after the battle, "Rampage wishes a rematch. Forrest mentioned he'd supply him a rematch. A rematch might as a rule be well for all people worried. But there may be plenty of special matters worried." And but I do not see it taking place. The UFC's gentle heavyweight department is so stacked that I simply do not feel White wishes to allow an complete 12 months move by means of with simplest Jackson and Griffin combating for the name. I feel any one else goes to get the primary crack at Griffin's belt. And that any one else will definitely be ... Chuck Liddell: If Liddell beats Rashad Evans at UFC 88 in September, I feel he's going to be Griffin's subsequent opponent. Liddell and Griffin are arguably UFC's 2 such a lot fashionable warring parties, and this might be a colossal battle. If Evans beats Liddell, Evans might say, "I'm undefeated. I deserve a shot at Griffin." But I feel a much more likely undefeated opponent might be ... Lyoto Machida: The undefeated Machida is the man no person wishes to battle due to the fact he has one of these certain, irritating type. But if he continues profitable he is ultimately going to get a name shot. Anderson Silva: The present UFC middleweight champion and international's first-rate pound-for-pound fighter, Silva is relocating as much as gentle heavyweight to battle James Irvin in 2 weeks. He's then anticipated to transport back off to middleweight to safeguard his name, however might UFC make a difference in plans to supply him a name shot? Wanderlei Silva: He'd be a high-quality opponent for Griffin, however I do not see it taking place, most commonly due to the fact UFC might as a rule alternatively placed him within the Octagon with Rampage first. joe silva's gonna have a difficult time calling this one.

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    I would give it to Liddel. Forest doens thave the wrestling to bring Liddel down which turns it into a stand up fight because Liddel never uses takedowns unless hes trying to go for points. Forest has ok stand-up with good leg kicks but doesnt really have knockout power. Liddel does and knows how to use it. People say Liddel is washed up but look at who he lost to, Rashad evans (who beat griffin) and Shogun who many people think beat machida

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    He is the deal

    Chuck is almost 1 dimensional...NO Disrespect to the ICEMAN :P

    but he looks to land those punches and hopes he hurts you and finishes the fight

    Forrest is a little less one dimensional...he utilizes leg kicks to slow down his opponent...and isnt so bad on his back

    all in all

    I say Chuck stuffs all the take downs and knocks Forrest out in the 2nd or 3rd

    That is all

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    Forrest wins this one, Chuck is mentally retired (not retarded!) although after some of his interviews people may question that, I don't think he has the mental strength or will anymore to compete on the level it will take for him to defeat Forrest.

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    hum...I think Forrest would win. I mean Chuck has some serious punches but Forrest kicks and can scrap.

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    Chuck Liddell is old and rusty he better quit.

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