ISLAM??? what is it really about? i dont understand this...?

can some one tell me in detail what islam is really about? i just dont understand it.... why is there a religion that believes music is bad? why do they have a god who makes you kill others to recieve blessings? why do they attack places? i know not all islamic people are this way im honestly confused can someone please clear this upwhy do they hate christians so much? i know there were wars but why? and how is a poem a part of their koran?.... just give some info the basics


i know what i believe i just am curious to what others believe. i am a christian and would like to know others world view.

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    1. Music is not bad in our religion, but the content of most music these days really is not good stuff to lsiten to. Be honest with your self and think about some of the lyrics that little girls are being exposed to at a very younge age and you will see.

    2. We do not have a God that makes you kill others for blessings. In fact God tells us that is one of the biggest sins. We are only allowed to kill when defending our selves from death, protecting our families or our property. Also to protect our selves and others who may not be Muslim from oppression, and fight for freedom.

    3. We do not attack places, terrorists are those people who have been brainwashed and misinterpret the teachings of Islam. When the prophet (swt) of God went into Mecca to claim it back as the holy city he gave his men rules. They were not to attack any females, any children, any old people or any of the belongings of the people of Mecca and only to attack people who were armed and attacking them. Not 1 drop of blood was spilled on that day.

    4. A poem is not part of our Koran, the whole Koran is a poem. If you can understand Arabic and read it you would see that the whole book is a poem written with so well that till today not a single human being has been able to create a chapter like one of the chapters in the Koran. That is the miracle of the Koran, that an illiterate man was able to produce this marvelous book 1400 years ago, which contains predictions and scientific facts that were only discovered in the last 200 years.

    Please go to youtube and watch THE DIVINE BOOK and you will see that Muslims don't hate Christians.

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    In Islam, Music is forbidden because the Prophet Muhammad(as) never sat and listened to someone playing a guitar and neither did his Companions, how ever voice & an arabic drum called "Doof" are halal(allowed) since there is narrations of the Prophet(as) and Companions sitting and listening to it.

    Islam forbids killing innocents, you are only allowed to attack those who attack you(self defense) or the ones who opress you(like most countries do in self defence)

    In Islam it is forbidden to attack innocents, kids,children,women and who ever is not your enemy an its is forbidden to commit suicide.

    We do not hate Christians other religions ,but we get angry when people oppress us(like what your seeing in Israel/Palistine,Iraq,Afghanistan,Pakistan)

    I am not sure what you mean about a poem being apart of the Quran.

    But the reason why many Muslims dislike Jews is because they are the ones who corrupt our religion the most by introducing scarf as hijab, music as halal, ect:

    And its also written in the Quran that the Jews will be the biggest enemy of Islam.

    I hope i helped.

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    Islam is an Abrahamic faith. They believe in God, Abraham, Moses, the rest of the prophets ETC. They differ from Christianity because they see Jesus as Messiah and messenger, but do not agree with doctrine of Trinity. They don't beleve in "God incarnate". Also they have one more prophet after Jesus. That is the main difference.

    1. Music is haram? This is debatable, however 95% of Muslims at least in the Middle East, listen to music. Music is a HUGE part of Arab culture- maybe you have heard of Umm Kulthumm, or Abdel Halim?

    2. Muslims cannot kill women, children, or unarmed men EVER. They are only allowed to fight in self defense. The Qur'an does not differ to much from Old Testament in terms of this.

    3. Why do Muslims attack places? Well you probably thing terrorism is religious, but it is indeed political. It just so happens that since US policies are against people who are Muslim, those people resist.

    If you look to PALESTINE, the Palestinians there were kicked out from their homes and oppressed. I am sure you have heard of suicide bombing and rockets. But there is not only HAMAS, there is also PFLP, which is a Palestinian Christian resistance movement. It is not about religion, it is about their situation.

    EDIT: ben Yeshua is not a real Christian, he is a poser "Messianic Jew Christian Zionist".

    If you want to know what Qur'an says go to Surah 2 62. BTW, I am Christian Orthodox, I have lived in the Middle East my whole life, and never has a Muslim try to kill me or harass me.

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    Good question, Bry B:

    But to understand this, you must understand that God allowed other nations to punish israel when they were sinning; in fact, Isaiah was told to anoint an Assyrian king to attack Israel.

    Then, jesus told his church to teach love, and if someone didn't receive the message, to leave them in God's hands, not force conversion.

    But hence, Christians began killing others to make converts, then warring among themselves. Torture chambers were built to force 'HERETICS' to confess, Bibles were burnt, etc.

    So God allowed Islam to arise with mandates in the KORAN to punish or kill the disobedinet, namely, Christians. That is why 1/3 of the Christian Roman Empire is now Islamic.

    This is plainly told in the Bible and you can put it all together by reading

    Blessings, Ben Yeshua

    Source(s): BTW, Their leader is called DESTROYER in two languages just so you get the point.
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    Islam means submission and surender to one God . it also means peace. Muhammad (pbuh) is not the founder of islam but its last prophet. Adam, Noah,Moses,Jesus(pbuthem) are all the prophets of God. according to one sahih hadith, Allah sent around 1,24000 messengers around the world and during all the ages, but only 25 are mentioned in the quran by name, All the prophets from Adam to Muhammad (pbu them all) taught only one message " to submit and surrender to one God".

    Music is not prohibited but its discouraged cos some people get so engrossed and addicted in music that they neglect their duties as muslims.

    No, God does not give blessings if you kill but killing in order to defend yourself and your faith is allowed but even then many guidelines have to be followed.LIke you cannot kill innocent people, women, the sick, monks etc etc.Some people quote the quranic verses out of context and say it propagates killing, no as a matter of fact the prophet and his followers were tortured in Mecca for 10 years and they did not raise their hand forget about killing, the prophet instead of fighting chose to migrate to madina peacefully. even ther he and his followers were not left alone by the meccan pagans, after repeated efforts at peace failed Allah ordered them to fight them under strict guidelines.( sura Tauba, verse-5), but immediately the next verse of sura tauba, ie ver-6 says that " but if the enemy is inclined towards peace then escort them to a safe place. The time came when Mecca was captured by the muslims, but instead of avenging the wrongs done to them, the prophet chose to forgive them.

    No muslims do not hate the christians or the jews or anybody else for that matter. Christians and jews are referred to as " people of the book" in the Quran. Jesus (pbuh) is a mighty messenger of Allah and his mother mary, The Quran says is the most virtuous woman among all nations and theres a chap named after her sura maryam ch-19 of the quran. In many places in the Quran Allah has praised christians saying " you'll find christians close to you", and another place" indeed some among them love Allah so much that the mentio of his name brings tears to their eyes.

    To know about islam go to the source, read the Quran. you can order a free copy by calling 800-662-islam. or checkout

    heres a good website giving all the info you need about islam

    and another thanx.

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    why don't you read the islamic resources we consider the highest proof of our view?

    these are very easy to collect & read -The holy Al-Quran & the recognized hadith collection like Bukhari sharif , muslim sharif mainly

    please spend some time to read these.This is my request.

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    for you and everyone who said "believe or die" doesn't the bible say something like "those who believe in the sun of god have life, those who don't, don't have life" tell me what the difference is

    Source(s): the bible
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    Thanks for your question....

    Islam means "submission to the will of God". Muslims accept the Qur’an, as the word of God revealed to His last and final prophet, Mohammed (peace be upon him). Islam states that Allah sent messengers and prophets throughout the ages with the message of Unity of God, and accountability in the Hereafter. Islam thus makes it an article of faith to believe in all the earlier prophets, starting with Adam, and continuing with Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, John and Jesus amongst many others (may peace be on them all).

    Yes wars are mentioned in quran..But not in the way that media introducing..

    Yes Islam tells you to kill..but the question is when..?in the war time you must defeat your enemy..its a logic..which what u our armies and other defence force is doing..but the war is must for justice...not what the islamic named groups doing now..thats not Jihad..

    there are several verses ..

    it is not islamic way to fight and compell others to accept islam..Quran clearly saying..

    “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from

    error”[Al-Qur’an 2:256]

    Quran have a clear view to spread islam the peace,,,,

    “Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching;and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious.”[Al-Qur’an 16:125]

    An article in Reader’s Digest ‘Almanac’, year book 1986, gave the statistics of the increase of percentage of the major religions of the world in half a century from 1934 to 1984. This article also appeared in ‘The Plain Truth’ magazine. At the top was Islam, which increased by 235%, and Christianity had increased only by 47%. May one ask, which war took place in this century which converted millions of people to Islam?

    In islam ''if anyone kills an innocent person it is same as he killed all the humanity,if anyone saves, it is same as he saved all the humanity''(quran)..

    its western media wants introduce Islam as a terrorism to stiop converting their people to islam...

    Source(s): Muslim
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    The following are questions and answers given to Muslims who have these kind of questions which you might find informative !!! See

    If Jesus is God ... how can God die? (Who was running the universe those three days that Jesus was dead?)

    If Jesus is God ... was he praying to himself?

    Since Jesus has a God, how can he be God himself?

    Is Jesus God because he did mighty miracles?

    Jesus says that the Father is greater than he is, proving that he is not God.

    Jesus said that all authority was given to him, ... which means that Jesus cannot be God.

    How can Jesus be God, when he calls the Father the only true God?

    If Yahweh alone is the Creator, and Jesus a servant sent by him, how can Jesus be God?

    How can Jesus be God when he will be in eternal subjection?

    How can Jesus be God when he denies being all-powerful?

    Jesus wept, slept, was hungry and thirsty, but God never sleeps, thirsts or hungers

    Did Jesus become the Son of God only through his virgin birth?

    The Bible says that God cannot be tempted, yet Jesus is said to have been tempted ...

    If Jesus really is God how could Satan tempt him?

    How can Jesus be God when he says that only God is good?

    Whoever is good, is also God?

    How can Jesus be God when the Hebrew Bible says God is not a man?

    God has many sons who are not divine. Why then would Jesus be?

    Since God cannot change, but Jesus did, how can he be God?

    Why did the Son die? (If God so loved the world, why did he not come himself to die for us?)

    Objections to Jesus' Pre-existence

    God spoke through his Son only "in these last days", thus he could not have been the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament

    Jesus allegedly emptied himself of Deity, which is impossible for God to do

    What does it mean that Jesus was made Lord?

    How can Jesus be God if he is given the name Lord only at his exaltation?

    Does being called "Kyrios" really imply Deity?

    Is the Savior necessarily God?

    Doesn't Jesus' calling "belief that God is One" the greatest command disprove that he believed in the Trinity?

    Doesn't the Bible (also) present Melchizedek as possessing divine attributes?

    Paul says there is only one God, and that is the Father, this means that Jesus is not God.

    Since the Bible states that God has never been seen, Jesus cannot be God! [Part 1], [Part 2]

    Doesn't Jesus say that the Spirit does not know everything? How can he then be God?

    Did God want Christ's followers to be called Christians?

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    Did Jesus deny the ascension of Elijah and Enoch?

    Did the Jews Misunderstand Jesus?

    Jesus' Authority To Forgive Sins

    Does the Apostles' ability to forgive sins imply their deity, too?

    Since Baptism is "for the forgiveness of sins", does that not imply that Jesus was a sinner?

    What about God commanding the annihilation of the Amalekites?

    Why did Matthew not record even a single one of Jesus' "I AM" Sayings which are found in John's Gospel?

    Why did Jesus never say, "I am God, and there is none else"?

    Was Jesus a created being after all?

    The authenticity and implications of the baptismal formula in Matthew 28:19

    A Misquotation of the Old Testament in the New Testament?

    Did Paul slander the Law?

    Did Jesus claim that salvation comes from observing the Law?

    Doesn't Ezekiel 18 show that God does not require perfect obedience but expects us to sin?

    God's Promise to Abraham's Offspring: Singular or Plural?

    Doesn't the Bible degrade women, placing them on the level of animals and possessions?

    Should or should we not trust a/the son of man?

    How can the Bible be inspired when it contains passages that are merely Paul's personal opinion?

    Isn't Muhammad "that prophet" awaited by the Jews?

    Wasn't Muhammad announced by John the Baptist?

    If being called God proves that Jesus is the Almighty wouldn't the same hold for Moses?

    What about 2 Corinthians 4:4?

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    All that you are saying is totally untrue.

    Muslims are never invaders but invaded.

    Media are purposely stereotyping Muslims, and that makes people wants to discover Islam more, and when they know the truth about Islam, majority become Muslims:

    Famous and intellectual Christians converted to Islam:

    Because Islam is the truth.

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