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H1N1 question - I'm immunized, friend has it. I've been in contact, can I be a carrier?

I got my H1N1 immunization on Oct 28, my seven month old son got it on Nov 3. Today my friend's 7 month old spiked a temp (39.6)) and had all the symptoms, so I left my son with my in law's and went with my friend to the emergency room. They started her on Tamiflu (or whatever it is called) and are drying to get her to drink pedialite (only had three oz in 18h). Anywho. I am worried that since her kid has threw up on me, snotted on me, breathed on me, ect that I could be a carrier for the H1N1 even though I am immunized. I REALLY don't want to infect my husband or 7 month old son. I immediately washed my cloths when I got home, had a shower and disinfected everything I touched....

So long babble short... can I be a carrier now and infect my husband/baby even though I am immunized....

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    yes. Immunizations are not a guarantee of never transmitting the virus. We are most infectious in the couple of days before we even show symptoms, and for one week afterwards.

    but you are not a carrier in the strictest sense of the word. You will not carry the virus around and shed it indefinately.

    But the immunity you gain through vaccination (or recovering from an infection) is not like a force feild. If you are exposed to the virus somewhere, it can still enter your system, where your immune system would rapidly and aggressively fight it off.

    If this happens, there is still a short time frame where you could expose others to the virus, and if they are not immune they are still at risk.

    And of course, there is always the possibility of carrying the virus home on books, clothes etc. The virus is viable for up to 8 hours in this state.

    This is why hand washing, and barrier protection are still so important, especially around an infant.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The vaccine takes 10-14 days to take effect, so you would be "immune" from H1N1 by around today. If the vaccine has taken effect you can no longer contract or carry the disease.

    So, really, it's a possibility if you're one of the ones who took a longer time to get the immunity from the vaccine. (Cleaning yourself and clothes when you got home would have helped a lot though)

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  • 4 years ago

    how are you able to tell he shows indications of swine flu? What indications? most of the indicators of h1ni must be indications of 1000 different issues. besides, even no count if it is h1ni, If he does no longer something, he will probably get better on his very own. extra often than no longer i could say do no longer difficulty. on the different hand, considering that he has allergies, in step with threat he does have some thing to tension approximately. the only issues he can do to minimize the prospect of a few thing going incorrect is take antiviral drugs like Tamiflu, and make confident he gets a reliable evening sleep. Emergency rooms are required to handle you, and would't turn you away in case you are able to no longer pay. of direction, they are able to deliver you a bill after the reality, and sue you in case you do no longer pay. If he would not prefer to pay the money, all he can do is get a reliable evening's sleep and wait.

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    1 decade ago

    Per the clinical trial data, it takes 21 days for a person to have the full benefit of the immunization as determined by drawing a titer.

    So you really are not fully immunized as of yet. The shot at full benefit only offers 80% protection anyhow.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would be worried if I didnt have the vaccine which for me I have not had it and just took the seasonal I think you should be fine though you did everything properly so just watch out for any symtoms

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