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I just want to know if three big silver dragon fish will fit in a three feet long and one foot wide TANK?

ALSO HOW MUCH SOULD I FEED ONE silver dragon fish one day.It about 5 inches.If the tank is not big enough how big sould it be?


I know that it can be call something different and how much fish food sould I feed a 5 inch silver dragon fish .Best answer get 10 points.Answer fast please

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    i think u are talking about the arowana. with three of them i recommend a tank that is at least 9 feet long because these fish grow huge. at least 250 gallons of water. as for feeding the link is on the bottom. the bottom line is that these fish grow huge and u will never a much bigger tank. im assuming ur tank holds somewhere between 25-30 gallons of water.

    to see how much gallons ur tank holds

    multiply the length, width, and height

    the result should be converted into inches if it already hasn't been done so

    then multiply by .0043 to get the amount of us gallons

    good luck with ur pets

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  • Ianab
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    As the fish can each grow to 3 foot long, no the tank is way too small.

    Look for a tank around 6 ft long x 2ft wide, as a MINIMUM.


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