what should i get my roomate for christmas?

she is kind of punk/goth, she loves johnny depp but already has like EVERY depp poster and movie, she is super difficult to buy for, her favorite color is yellow, i don't know her clothing size, we wear the same size shoes, she likes horror movies and is super picky, i want to get something unique, not just like a gift card! what should i give her?


no, i know her very well, we've been friends for 5 years, but she is VERY picky, i know her favorite band, i know a lot about her, i've bought gifts for her before but i've ran out of ideas...

her favorite band is cold but she also loves basshunter, she has a lot of piercings and streched ear lobes, and she likes jeff gordon too...its just hard, she really doesn't need any more posters or anything like that...she has an ipod, but i am super limited as far as money this year so i can't really afford ipod accessories...

Update 2:

and i want it to be unique, not something she could possibly just buy like movies or cd's it's too typical...she is def NOT typical...

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    Okay well first off you can try www.ebay.com and type in the search bar "personalized gifts" there are tons and tons of items that come up...you can buy from ebay or just get an idea. Also what is her favorite music becuase you could get her a cd. Find out what Johhny Depp movies she does not have and go from there. Is she into shoes?? If so take her shoe shopping or shoe her a magazine and see what she says she likes! Also you can always frame a photo of the two of you as a gift. What about pets? Puppies - snakes lol...what does she like and can you have them where you live (just an idea). Also try a gift card or a paid credit card ... to where you know she shops...Maybe Hot Topic or somethign like that! ALSO if J. Depp is her favorite try looking at Hot Topic or ebay to find her a shirt. You could always maker her a basket type thing with a little of everything.

    Hope this helps! Good Luck!

    Okay well it sounds to me like you need to do some online shopping ... try to find unique stores. I also have gauges and I would love to have a few new plugs ... but you will need to figure out her size. Again Try ebay and see what you find under "unique gifts" or even google unique gifts.

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    Merry Christmas

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    I'm guess you don't know each other very well from what you've said, so i would, if possible, check out her ipod/mp3 player and see her favourite bands, then buy her an album that she doesnt have from one of those bands. She'll think you know her really well, and it takes minimal work and money on your part.

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    a To Write Love On Her Arms sweatshirt. I see lots of goths with those shirts.

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