NY State Sales Tax fluctuations?

After looking over my receipts, some are charging sales tax of 8.375% and some 8.125%. I thought it may be non-food vs food and clothing...but I can't seem to make the categories + tax add up.

Does anyone have a list of taxes for NY State that includes what gets taxed and what doesn't? I feel like I'm getting jipped off with the fluctuation store-to-store between the two taxes on the same items.

Also, one store is charging an "alt sales tax", which doesn't even say the percentage or on what item.

Example receipt:

Hot Tea Mugs @ $5.97

Febreeze Spray @ 2.99

Socks @ 6.99

Alt Sales Tax: .31

8.375 Sales Tax: .75

I understand the 75c comes from the Mug and Febreeze...What's with the alt sales tax? Can anyone see a pattern?


D'oh. Yeah, probably different counties since I'm on the border of two. Still interested in a chart stating the different county taxes and what gets taxed and what doesn't. Searched for sales tax by county and the results I received were not matching up with my "8.125" and "8.375" numbers.

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    Each county charges a diffferent rate. And sometimes in the same county, the rate can be different between towns if one town has a higher rate than the others.

    This is the best I could find by county. Many of the charts online were out of date (I know NYC raised their rate to 8.875% in August.) Click on #9 and a chart will come up, you just have to click through it.


    The alt sales tax is on socks. The state no longer charges tax on clothing purchases under $110. However most counties continue to charge their portion of the tax on clothing purchases. The state rate is 4%, so clothing would be taxed at a rate 4% less than everything else in the counties and cities where it's taxed.

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    The Alt sales tax is on the socks. New York doesn't charge tax on clothing up to the first $100, but that's only for the state tax. The local tax may still be due, so that is probably what it is for.

    Local rates explains the difference between the two rates. Different stores are subject to different tax rates, depending on where they're located. If you bought from the same store, they should be charging the same rate, unless the locality changed their rate.

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    Were the items purchased in different counties?

    Sales taxes in NY vary by county.

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    No, if you bought the item in person in NY, you pay sales tax on it - it's not refundable.

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