Different cultures in the workplace?

Different cultures are a major formula in the dynamics of the modern office. What are some disadvantages of these different cultures in our workplace? Is this changing the way we do business?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It can have advantages and disadvantages. Multicultural workplaces force one to be TOLERANT. If everyone is just like you, your ways are not forced to be broadened.

    A disadvantage can be when one culture is too demanding of the rest of the workplace. For example, Muslims in a British office insisted that nobody eat food in the workplace because it was Ramadan and they had to fast. This demanding attitude can lead to increased coworker tensions.

    Another disadvantage can be work holidays. If you have Jews, Muslims and Christians everyone has different religious holidays, so that can lead to absenteeism.

    I can only think of religious cultures... Let's see, a language barrier could be a disadvantage if, for example, English is a second language to some of your workforce.

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