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home phone services plan, help!?

i have verizon high speed internet(3MB), and i have ATT for my home plan services. So my question is could i add verizon home service with high speed internet service like verizon bundle. ( first i bought internet service and thinking about getting verizon phone service with my internet)( could i add the two plans as one, like verizon bundle)

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    depends on where you live if ATT or VZ is the RBOC - who owns the wiring outside your home... VZ is not a CLEC in any areas.. but ATT is a CLEC in areas where they are not the RBOC...

    is the verizon internet and ATT phone service billed on the same bill, or do you have separate bills?

    you would really need to contact verizon and ask them this question... but sometimes when you change phone carriers it will inturrept your DSL service for a short period of time... especially if ATT has there own switch that they are providing your dial tone with and they are not just using the verizon switch to provide your dial tone...

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