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Do I have a Yeast Infection?

I have never had a yeast infection or any kind of problems before this. For the past few days, this area and the area surrounding has been very sore to the touch. I had intercourse (unprotected) a few days prior with no additional lubrication. Should I go get a pH test and find out or should I wait a few more days and see if it is just a side effect of using no lubrication? I have no additional problems, including no noticeably abnormal discharge.

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    Here are sways to identify yeast infections

    Yeast infection commonly has no smell, but you will get a thick or milky discrarge with white clumps similar to cottage cheese. They sometimes dont show on your undies or panti liner but they could be hiding at the side of your vagina's lips. A simple look with a compact mirror can check that

    Increase need to pee

    Itching feeling or sore-ish feeling at your vagina

    The discharge ina few days changes to white to yellowy and sometimes with a fishy or cheesy scent

    Then you may have Yeast Infection. If the discharge changes that means you have other fungal infections along with your yeast such as Vaginitis

    My best suggestion is to go see a doctor. have yourself checked for yeast infection and Bacterial vaginosis, since both infections have nearly the same symptoms but needs a different type of medicine

    Get also checked for STD like Gonorrhea..which has some similar symptoms of yeast infection

    Now during and before after treatment here are some things you need to do

    1. No sex. It can further worsen the infection and you can transfer the yeast to your partner by skin contact. Also avoid Tampons for a while

    2. Drink lots of fluids and also drink Yakult to boost immunity. No sodas or sweets since yeast feeds off the sugars your bdoy produce. Fruits are ok, just no choclates and soda

    3. Avoid wearing thongs, tight pants or shorts and lace undies. Stick to clean cotton panties. While you are at it, wash your bedsheets clean with hot water

    4. Wash after peing and pooing. You can wipe with a damp wet tissue after going and dribbling some cold water down your genitals to wash pee residue


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    Hope This can Help You.


    A doctor can tell for sure if you have a yeast infection by taking a swab and looking in a microscope. Most of us can't do this at home, but sometimes you can tell by the feel, look, and smell that you have a yeast infection. If your symptoms don't match this list, or you are confused or uncertain, go see a doctor if at all possible.

    consulting a doctor is definitely needed, if you want to if you have yeast infection. Most of us can't afford to consult one. Our senses can tell us if you are infected and most importantly read the list for extra details.


    - If there's an intense itching, burning sensation in your vagina and vulva. This itching is not always present, but can get really bad, so bad you can hardly walk.


    - If there's a clumpy white stuff. Some people compare the discharge to ricotta cheese, but it can range from thick and not clumpy to faintly yellow to thin and clear color.


    - smells like bread or beer. In fact, it smells pretty much exactly like yeast, although the yeast used in brewing and baking is an entirely different species (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). No bacteria could smell like that, so it's a great analysis.

    Let me share. when I was in a middle of reading yeast infection. I noticed how important is for this matter. I hope I was able to help you.

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    It is most likely because you had sex with little lubrication. With a yeast infection, you will typically have an intense burning and itching sensation inside your vagina and some sort of discharge. Next time use some lubrication and that should prevent any soreness you're experiencing. Hope this helps!

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    It's most likely sore from all the intercourse.A yeast infection is usually a white discharge and can even smell and be itchy.I don't know what makes you think that you have a yeast infection,what concerns me is that you are having unprotected sex,so many things can happen,pregnancy and any STD's,it's not a smart move on your part,if you are going to have sex then find a method of birth control.

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