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what causes clothes to shrink in washing/drying process?

I dont know what im doing wrong.

I havent gained a lb but recently everytime i pull something out of the dryer to wear it, its so tight or does not fit at all..what am i doing wrong? i wash my clothes in cold water, under small load....?

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    its the heat of the dryer. try hanging your clothes on a hanger to dry them. then they wont shrink at all. or try the lowest heat setting, it will take a lot longer to dry a load though.

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    this happens when you don't read the labels inside your clothes ,some are to be washed in cold water only , some are not to be washed at all , some are dry clean only, some are made of natural fibre like cotton, linen, silk, rayon, wool, all of those are to be either dry cleaned only or other methods of cleaning, some do not go into the drier for the same reasons, so before washing anything new read the labels to be safe or better yet when you shop for new clothes or anything else made of fabric etc. read the label then this way you can decide if you can afford the extra expense of dry cleaning.

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    The dryer is usually the culprit, too much heat shrinks the fibers up, try drying on a lower setting.

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