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What do the Pittsburgh Pirates need to do this offseason?

JW because i love the pirates.

And ,maybe predict what u think they will do?

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    They need to continue building the way they have been. The new management understands the philosophy of baseball: winning starts with good pitching and a good minor league system. The old management, under McLatchy and Littlefield, would keep mediocre players and trade the talent for nothing in return. They would also draft terribly. The new mangement, under Bob Nutting, Frank Coonelly, and Neil Huntington, understand that the guys that were here before weren't helping us win, so they traded them for some of the best talent in minor league baseball. That being said, the Pirates minor league system has a plethora of talent in it thanks to these guys. People will criticize them for that, but they're doing the right thing. Keeping guys like Sanchez, McLouth, Bay, LaRoche, Wilson, etc. were not helping the Pirates win, so why keep them when you can beef up the minors and have a productive club in 2-3 years? The old management would trade away talent for nothing, but these guys are getting premium players who will be in the MLB in a few years. They don't need to do anything this offseason for that simple fact. Getting Akinori Iwamura was a great pickup, because it adds a solid middle infielder to the mix. I look for them to trade Brandon Moss, Ronny Cedeno, and Ryan Doumit this year, because they don't really add anything to the club. Cedeno was thrown into the Wilson trade because the Mariners wanted to get rid of him, not because he was a viable short stop. If the Pirates continue what they're doing, they WILL be contenders within the next 3 years. I look for them to go 75 - 87 this season, which is a vast improvement from last season. I believe that the addition of Pedro Alvarez to the Pirates in the middle of the season will help them in the future. I can't wait for this coming season, because I know that the Pirates will surprise everyone. Keep supporting them, because it will pay off in a few years whenever everyone jumps on the bandwagon like they did with the Penguins. Let's Go Bucs!

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    What do they have to do?...NOTHING!!!

    This Pirates team annoys me so much (even though I am not a fan) because they constantly are trading away good players. They just need to hold on to players like McCutchen, Duke, Tabata, Doumit, LaRoche, and Milledge.

    If the team can learn how to properly develop their farm system (one of the strongest) they MAY be a contender in 5-10 years, but getting greedy and trading away good talent every year is not going to help.

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    They need a whole new team its basically a glorified AAA team in the majors. There record next season will be 63-99 36 games below .500 and in last place.

    The Durahm Bulls could probably beat the pirates.

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    They need to overhaul their pitching staff. I like their young hitters. They could really use a good power hitter and third baseman. I'm not sure who's on the market, but they need some pop in the middle of the order.

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    sorry to say but I think the question is better stated "what don't the pirates need to do this offseason?" and in that case, the answer would be...not much!

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    1 decade ago

    A whole new team, except for McCutchen, Garret Jones and Zach Duke.

    They will go 62-100. Sad but true.

    Source(s): I have lived thru 17 years of Pirates Pain. It is awful. Especially since the Steelers and Pens are fantastic.
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    1 decade ago

    Well they are limited,they have the lowest payroll of the MLB ...so what can you expect them to do in the offseason ??

    They just have to slowly build,which could take years

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    New team cause they suck ***.

    Become a Yankees fan. As a lifelong fan I will accept you.

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