I cancelled my AOL Service in 2007, but this year they're charging me again, what can I do to stop that ?

Some years ago I had an AOL Service because I was living in the US, I cancelled this account since JUNE 2007 when I went back to Monterrey Mexico where I live ever since. They gave me the cancellation AOL confirmation number: XXXXXXXXX.

Now in my American Express billing I have charges and it says AOL SERVICE again !!! They told me since may this year AOL is charging me about USD $181 for something I am not using anymore !!! American Express Mexico told me they can't block those charges due to international regulations since it's in US Dollars and not in Mexican Pesos, they said I have to call directly to AOL to cut that charge off and to get back that USD $181 that AOL is charging me. I spent this whole day morning trying to call them in the US but nothing, I have searched on the web for customer service support but none of the phones I have called have helped me. It's really frustrating because if I don't do anything now those charges will go on month after month.

I really hope you can help.

Thanx !


The thing here is I'm not in the US since 2007, I'm in Mexico now. I have called to those customer support numbers and the automatic phone system tells me the service is not available. I need to get to speak with someone ''real'' to help me, if I send a fax or a POBox mail you think I'll stop that monthly charge and get back my money that AOL already took from my AE Credit Card ? How can I get to talk on the phone with someone from AOL. Plus I don't even remember my screen name because I really didn't use it that much. I know it's a little mess but I trust I can work that out with your help. Thanks a lot !

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    Here's a couple of AOL numbers I found. Maybe one of them can help you. AOL Cancellation Department: 1 - 888 - 265 - 8008. The other number is AOL Billing: 1 - 888 - 265 - 8003. Good luck in getting this mess straightened out!

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    I cancelled the account AOL was billing me on.

    I would suggest doing that, and calling customer service to inform them you intend to speak with a lawyer about getting your money back since you have the confirmation # of cancellation. They always have been shady about collecting long after people cancelled.

    Source(s): Previous AOL customer.
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