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Is a 20 gauge nose piercing dangerous?

I want to get a small nose stud in my nostril. I've called a few shops and have been told the typical piercing gauge for a nostril is 16-20. Most say 18. I want something very small and dainty since I am a small person. I don't want to end up with a big hole in my face. The problem is that one person I talked to at a shop said that a 20gauge can be dangerous. He said if it snags on something it can slice right out of my nose, leaving my nostril cut in half. So, is that true? Should I go with what he says and get the 18 or find someone who will do it with a 20?

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    The smaller the jewelry, the more likely it will tear the skin if it snags. But if you're careful, you should be fine. Nostrils are fairly tough, and if you snag it, you will probably stop the tugging long before it's had time to cut all the way though your nostril. If you are really worried, you can just wear 20g as soon as it's healed, and it will shrink over time to be snug around the 20g. But a good friend was pierced at 20g when I was pierced at 18g, and she's had no more problems than I have. Anything smaller than 20g is definitely not a good idea.

    Also, they make micro-ends in both 20g and 18g. So you could have a tiny stud showing even though your jewelry was larger than the smallest size.

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    Pretty much. Google the cheese slicer effect of small gauge jewelry. But if you want something small and dainty, just get a small jewel. The gauge of the piercing doesn't effect how big the jewel is. Besides, the jewelry's gonna stay in the piercing (unless you want it to close that is), you won't see the hole.

    18 gauge is pretty small anyway. Just go with it.

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    id say you should be safe and go with the 18 ga, then find a stud with a small jewel.

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    once you get your nostril performed, ask the guy who's doing the piercing, this is the place you will get the terrific suggestion in this. bear in strategies which you shouldn't substitute the jewellery for approx 6 months to allow for ideal therapeutic. additionally, surgical steel is often the terrific thank you to choose for physique piercing rings

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