Is a 20 gauge nose piercing dangerous?

I want to get a small nose stud in my nostril. I've called a few shops and have been told the typical piercing gauge for a nostril is 16-20. Most say 18. I want something very small and dainty since I am a small person. I don't want to end up with a big hole in my face. The problem is that one person I talked to at a shop said that a 20gauge can be dangerous. He said if it snags on something it can slice right out of my nose, leaving my nostril cut in half. So, is that true? Should I go with what he says and get the 18 or find someone who will do it with a 20?

Thanks for your help. I really hope to hear from some pros.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm not going to say that it's not possible, but that's incredibly unlikely.

    Keep in mind with cartilage piercings they need to be pierced with a needle that's a gauge larger than the jewelry you intend to wear in order for it to heal properly. It's not tissue therefore it needs a bit more healing room. If you wanted to wear 20g jewelry it should be pierced with a 19. (Or an 18g would be acceptable as most shops don't stock odd numbered needles.)

    A lot of piercers (myself included) are very picky about what gauges they'll pierce certain things with. I wouldn't pierce anything with anything smaller than an 18, personally. Smaller gauge jewelry is less sturdy than larger gauges which automatically makes it less safe. What if you got into an accident of some sort and got hit in the nose with something and the jewelry bent inside your nose and it had to be surgically removed? (That is a true story.)

    An 18 will not be huge and the size depends more on the style of jewelry than gauge when it comes to most nostril piercings.

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  • 3 years ago

    enormously lots. Google the cheese slicer results of small gauge rings. yet once you decide on some thing small and dainty, merely get a small jewel. The gauge of the piercing does not result how massive the jewel is. besides, the jewellery's gonna stay interior the piercing (except you decide on it to close this is), you will no longer see the hollow. 18 gauge is enormously small besides. merely circulate with it.

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