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Matt Forte trade help? 10 points to best answer!?

I need a WR badly. Matt Forte seems like a tempting offer for some people in my league. So far I've been offered Steve Smith (CAR) and Heath Miller for Forte or Calvin Johnson for Forte straight up. I lost Owen Daniels for the season and now I'm stuck with Todd Heap. Should I do one of these trades? The current starting lineup:

QB- Tom Brady

RB- Ray Rice

RB- Pierre Thomas

WR- Randy Moss

WR- Derrick Mason

WR- TJ Housh

TE- Todd Heap

K- Nick Folk

DEF- Philly

10 team league and currently 7-2.

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    I would try and get Someone like hines Ward Donald Driver Steve Smith giants, or someone like that for Forte.

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    try to get mike sims-walker from jacksonville. he is tearing it up and is the only good reciever on the jags and would be a good trade for forte.

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    If you can get Calvin Johnson I'd definitely make that trade.

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