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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationCar MakesHonda · 1 decade ago

How Much does Honda ATF Goes For a Quart?

How Much Does Honda ATF Goes For ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have seen it for $6.50 to $8.50 a quart.

    Usually it is less at a Carquest Auto Parts store than at the dealer but the other day I saw it for $8.50 at Carquest.

    I decided to use Castrol Multi Import ATF.

    It claims that it meets the specs for Honda ATF-Z1 and at 4.89 a quart [at Advance Auto Parts] it will save you over $43 in the cost of fluid when you do a complete flush which requires draining and refilling the tranny 4 times. Personally, I don't think they could claim it meets Honda specs if it did not and I don't believe that Honda makes their own fluid.

    Now I know there are those who will insist that you use nothing except Honda fluid. It is up to you. I decided to take the chance [although I don't consider it much of a chance]. My tranny is whining in high gear anyway and up till now it has never had anything in it except Honda ATF. [120,000 miles on a 2002 EX CR-V]

    Check out ebay; Honda ATF can be found there as well.

    You can get Honda ATF here for $6.95 a quart and it says something about free shipping on orders over $50! Chances are there would not be sales tax as well!

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  • AL M
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    1 decade ago

    I believe is a bout $6.00 - $7.00 per quart. Call you local dealer for accurate pricing.

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