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Civil engineering job hunting advice HELP?

I graduated with a degree in Civil engineering in June of 2009 and I have not yet found a job and I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of! I tried career fairs, job boards online(monster, Dice etc..), head hunters, temp agencies(I can't seem to find any that specialize in civil engineering), my college engineering career service,, USACE, everything! when I call no one answers or they say "we do all our hiring through our website", when I email no one answers, and when I submit my resume online I don't get an interview(I do try to follow up by the way), I have had few interviews all of which have fallen through either because they find someone better(which happens I understand that) or they decide they can't afford anyone. I am at my ropes end here and I don't know what else to do, am I AM NOT joining the military, and grad school isn't an option right now seeing that I really don't have the money or energy to go for more school after 5 years of engineering school. PLEASE any suggestions would be great.

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    Have you considered moving? I graduated with civil eng in 1996 in the UK. At that time the economy was real slow and no one was hiring. I suppose I was lucky in that I had some money saved and was able to take a year out a do a bit of world travelling. After about three weeks in another country I was gobbled up as a graduate engineer. I am not suggesting you do anything as drastic as moving to the other side of the world but you should consider relocating if there is nothing in your area.

    Also, just keep trying. Most jobs are never advertised. What usually happens is that a manager bursts into the HR department screaming that they need more staff so HR just give them the most recent handful of resumes. Sometimes it's just pure luck that your resume is near the top of the pile.

    Finally avoid recruiting agents. They are only in it for themselves despite what they might say and unfortunately it is not worth their while spending too much time on graduates because their return, usually a percentage of the salary, is so small. Your best bet is to look for graduate programmes offered by the larger companies on their websites or cold call the local offices of small and large companies.

    Keep trying and be prepared to relocate to where the work is.

    Best of luck.

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