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Tap Dancing?? Please help!!?

I'm 14 right now and thinking of taking up tap but I'm really confused about all the different types e.g Broadway, American, Irish, etc.

Which type do you think I should take up or should I just start with tap then move on to the different styles? (Are there any other types?)

Also, is tap dancing really hard to learn and how long roughly would it take me to get quite good at it if I had one and a half hour classes once every week and put lots of effort into it??

Would any of these things help me as well - being flexible, energetic, petite, good balance - cos I heard some of them help a lot in ballet?

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    You're not going to be great at tap the minute you try it, it'll take a year to get the basic technique down before you can move on to big impressive moves.

    You'll probably want american or broadway tap, youtube the different styles and pick the one you like best. If there is a basic beginner 'tap class' sign up for that first and stick with it for a few years until you're strong enough to branch into specific styles.

    Tap dancing isn't hard to learn, but it is hard to do properly. The moves themselves are simple when broken down into baby steps. The same little steps form all tap moves. The thing that makes tap so hard is that it is FAST. When tap gets fast it is harder to make all your sounds. A good tap dancer gets crisp, clean sounds while dancing fast. It looks effortless. In your first year or so of tap training you'll be going slowly.

    Energetic and good balance will certainly help you. Flexibility isn't necessary for tap, and actually most ballerinas are rather tall (5'7ish at least).

    Bring a pen and notebook to class and write down the moves you learn. That way you can go home and find them on the internet. If you're struggling with a shuffle ball change or some other move you can youtube a ''how to'' video and learn it at home. It's very helpful.

    Another thing....if you can't say it with your mouth then you can't do it with your feet. Say the moves out loud as you do them. When I tap I'm going 'stop brush hop hop flap step stomp, leap shuffle step flap step stomp, grab off grab off' in my head. It sounds like nonsense when you write it out like that, but it's the only way you'll ever grasp the idea of what you're doing. Your feet won't dance on their own, you need to use your brain.

    Make sure your tap shoes fit properly, don't buy them five sizes too big so you can grow into them. You'll flop around like you're in flippers and you'll have a hard time getting your sounds.

    I'd recommend a Bloch or Angelo Luzio shoe for your first tap.

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    I started tap when I was 14 and I'm doing just fine. Just start out in regular tap for a couple of years to learn the basic steps, and then, if your studio offers, go into a different style. Its not that hard to learn at all you just need to be patient and a quick learner. I don't mean to brag, but I'm quite good and this is only my 2nd year. As long as you have the stamina you'll be just fine!! Good Luck!!

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