How does everyone feel about this?

In my understanding they are taking an additional 10%, then giving it back at tax time, then recollecting it. Hence a 10% increase until this is repealed.

That's an additional $500 for me, how is a guy supposed to survive in CA nowadays?


This was from Evans, (D-Santa Rosa)

Anrold is a liberal by all accounts. His voting record proves it.

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    If you live in California, and $500 a year really "makes or breaks" your personal economy, you need to move.

    You misrepresent the legislation in any case; the DEFAULT withholding rate is being increased, because (apparently) too many Californians are too dumb to work out the appropriate withholding so that they have paid about the right amount at the end of the year. Unless you are stupid or lazy, you are free to fill in another W4 at ANY TIME to amend what your employer pulls out (on your behalf, at no extra charge) to help you meet your income tax obligation...

    This calculator will help you more accurately fill out a new W4;,,id=96196...

    I admit to being BAFFLED that you can hold down a job that pays you so well! You should consider yourself lucky! LOL!

    Source(s): And here's a W4 for you to fill out and give to your employer:
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    1 decade ago

    It is amazing just how stupid the top two liberals are. Yes California has one of the most liberal Republican governor's (married to a Kennedy by the way) BUT the Senate and house is and always have been liberal Democrats who passed state Health care and so many entitlements that the tax base just went broke much like our federal system is headed. If you think nationalizing health care will not raise every ones taxes just watch California, Massachusetts.

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    It's the Republican governator's way of cooking the books. Increase prepayments now and pay it back later. You can adjust your withholding so that only what you owe is withheld.

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