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Gina Gershon on her period, Bill Clinton is available for diplomatic photo-ops, do we need him to go anywhere?

The State Dept negotiated a deal with North Korea, that required photo-ops with Bill Clinton, to finalize the arrangement. Bill Clinton returned from North Korea, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, as if he had achieved some extraordinary achievement.

Should we expect, Bill to make himself available for "photo-op" diplomacy, again, in the future (provided the trips are coordinated when Gina is cycling) ?


homegirl- Bill will only be available to travel, at that time, duh!

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    wyldfygt: "Whenever Americans have been taken hostage the Obama administration has brilliantly secured their release."

    Brilliantly? Come on. Get off your knees and wipe off your chin. Thug regimes score points against the US and get to look like nice guys because they know President Sock Puppet isn't going to do anything to hurt them.

    PS: How are those 3 hikers in Iran doing? You know, the ones that have been hostages since July?

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    Whenever Americans have been taken hostage the Obama administration has brilliantly secured their release. This must drive you haters wild. Keep bringing up these irrelevant digs to remind us how successful Obama has been and how desperate the "hope America fails" crowd is.

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    Actually, I think we should send Jimmah Carter to Iran to negotiate the return of the hostages; the new and improved Obama hostages. Maybe he could get them to unclench their fist.

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    What does Gina Gershon's menstrual cycle have to do with this question? But then it is is not a question but clearly a rant!

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    North Korea asked for him. He didn't get involved until they asked for him. Did you expect no media to show up?

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    Your question makes no sense to me.*

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