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Do you believe ghosts exist?

I have been watching a lot of "Ghost Hunting" programmes recently but I still don't know whether I believe that ghosts exist. I guess ones soul could remain on earth after one dies, but I am not sure.

What do people think? Can ghosts exist and contact us?

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  • Bunge
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    What we call ghosts reside in margin, and we can't see into that world unless there is a portal or the veil between worlds is thin..

    All dimensions have a different vibration, we are surrounded by dimensions we cannot see, but sometimes we do get a glimpse into their world and sometimes they get a glimpse into our world; also remember our dimension is the only dimension where time is measured...

    I recently read about a ghost scream which was recorded in England; a team of paranormal researchers were conducting an investigation into a haunting and 3 or 4 women were together in a room when they were taken by surprise by the appearance of a ghost, so they screamed...

    The Ghost also must have been taken by surprise as it also screamed, which was recorded on their equipment..

    They had the recording analysed and the result was that the scream was not of human origin; so you see we can spook the spooks just like they spook us...

    About 1 km up the road from me is an old manse called St Cecilia, this is in Peterborough, Sth Aust...

    This old manse hosts 5 ghosts, and the most prominent is the ghost of one of the old Bishops who lived there in the 1870's..

    A friend of mine is a psychic medium and he has been on a couple of documentaries which concern haunted places in Australia, and he has been filmed there several times...

    I walk past St Cecilia's 4 times a week, mostly at around the 9ish PM mark, but sometimes much later on my fitness walk..

    I have personally seen the Bishop 3 times, up on the porch on the far left hand side of the the building...

    Every time I walk past the manse all the hairs stick up on the back of my neck and I have that feeling of being watched...

    Every-time I have seen the Bishop, he is looking directly at me and it sends a shiver straight up my spine..

    He knows my energy and I know his, I just hope he stays where he is, as I honestly believe that there is something a wee bit sinister about him...

    I will tell you what happened to me when I first moved into my cottage in the country..

    One night I got outta the shower and was drying myself in the lounge room and all of a sudden I was freezing cold; I was as cold as if I were naked and out in a blizzard...

    I found my winter sleeping clothes(trackie daks, thermal T-shirt and a wind-cheater) and my thick woolly Pancho and I was still shivering; the temperature in my lounge room was 26C so I should have been quite comfortable in just a pair of shorts; the entity had changed my body temperature...

    This happened on 3 separate occasions and I contacted a psychic medium mate of mine and we sent him to the light..

    He was an adolescent child who was just having a bit of fun, but that fun could have killed me as it is not healthy to be all rugged up in winter clothing etc when it is in fact really quite warm inside the house....

    I still have one entity, and he causes me no dramas at all...

    In Light... )O(

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, I believe that everything, after a long while, will return to its original state. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Humans were made out of the dust of the earth, and when we die, we return to that state. I do, however, believe that humans can leave things behind-memories, ideas, deeds, anything they did while they were living. Because we all affect the earth in some way, and by the end of our lives, it is somehow, if ever so slightly, effected by each individual's existence. These affects-memories, ideas that we have from a certain person- are often mistaken to be their actual spirit by those who knew the person while they were alive. So, if you were talking in a super-spiritual sense, you could say yes, spirits do exist because the ideas and memories we leave behind can never be killed. However, "Ghost Hunting" shows, I don't believe they're ghosts...they're either one of two things-really bad attempts at horror or actual cases of supernatural occurrences. The SUPERNATURAL is a whole different story from ghosts- it concerns beings that are beyond life, not natural, but still possessing an extreme presence. I believe in this: demons, which are essentially evil "spirits" that attach themselves to objects, locations, maybe even people (look up some of the most famous demonic possession cases, and you'll find some interesting stuff).

    That's my opinion on the matter. I feel like people, a lot of the time, question "well why do you believe in 'demons' but not ghosts?" It's not a religious thing for me, its just more about logic and what I personally would define life to be. Just from experiencing it, I highly doubt its possible to fly around and haunt people when I die. However, the possibility that there exists concepts, forces and beings beyond life and nature doesn't seem that far-fetched to me. What reason do humans have to assume the world, the universe, the many universes and dimesnions, were created solely for them? That's like an ordinary person walking into an empty 30-story hotel and assuming every room is for them to sleep in, and not being surprised when the entire building is empty. To outright assume that concepts/beings don't exist beyond life is illogical.

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  • Martin
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    1 decade ago

    No not in an intelligent form anyway, may be residual, but that's it.

    Let me ask you this with all the paranormal groups witnesses, why has no definitive proof ever been presented, and I 'm not talking about obscure sounds that could be anything or silly shapes or shadows that again could be anything, I have never seen or be presented with anything that can not be disputed.

    No ghost have ever been caught and studied like anything else that exists. no specimen has ever been presented.

    So even if ghosts do exist no one can even say they are dead people as it would be all just theories, you may as well say they are Aliens or characters of cartoons that have come alive as non have been studied or analyzed and if that was presented in a court it would be thrown out.

    And lucky for us it would, that's why witches were burnt because of evidence was believed that was bull crap and it was believed.

    How ever if you want to believe everything some on tells you with out evidence then that's up to you.

    I want tangible proof, I've said this before, you have a brain with cells, this is how you think, your thoughts are contained within your brain, sounds are created via your voice box and you see through physical objects called your eyes, what would a ghost have to see through, explain how this is possible then you can start believing in the possibility of ghost that can think and are self-aware.

    The laws of the universe were not put into place by humans but by nature, and everything has to abide by these processes in order to exist, and that would go for ghosts.

    The best you can get are residual, and if they exist in that form then they are just like photographs and like photos they are not self-aware.

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      I saw ghost/spirit one time, there were at 8 people , we did not know each other, we were walking. So, you don't see , you can not know......

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  • 1 decade ago

    I retain an open mind on the topic.

    In my own experience, I can say categorically, I have never had anything occur within my field of awareness that I would deem out of the ordinary.

    However, with a leap of faith, I trust the accounts that three friends have provided me.

    My one friend has had a whole series of bizarre events throughout his life, which are ongoing, even to this present day. Witnessed by himself and also his wife. I have no reason to doubt either of them. We are talking, stereotypical poltergeist encounters, combined with subtle manifestation events (unusual light anomalies etc).

    Anecdotal of course, but as I say, I have no reason to doubt their testimony.

    I would not, however, attach a specific belief, in 'lost souls' for instance, to these events. There are a multitude of theories.

    I am also happy not to have any contact with, or seek contact with, what other's call 'spirits'. Call me superstitious, but as far as that is concerned, I shall take the advise of the numerous occult & religious scriptures cautioning against humans dabbling in these matters.

    If there are souls or spirits, then I prefer my realm to remain unaffected by such things.

    In time all may be revealed as to source. At one time we could not see bacteria with the naked eye. So, there may well be intelligence, even higher intelligence, out of range of our current means of detection.

    Remain sceptical would be my advise and take a pinch of salt with you.

    I hope some of my ramblings are of use.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hey, hey, hey kids! It's the Copy & Paste Bandit!

    I would have to say they probably don't exist.

    Despite the hundreds upon hundreds of books, stories, movies and television shows that have featured the restless dead or other sorts of apparitions, there has simply never been any substantial proof of their existence.

    I mean don’t get me wrong, I do love ghost stories (and stories about zombies, ghouls, vampires and other creatures of the night) and Halloween is my favorite holiday – and I’m a pretty spiritual guy (Christian, Southern Baptist) so I do believe in the human soul and in life after death (that is, in the Kingdom of Heaven).

    But, are there actual disembodied spirits who are somehow tied to the mortal plane and now haunt the living? Again, I would say it’s highly unlikely.

    Occam’s Razor (look it up) states that if a question has more than one answer (in this case: are ghost real – yes or no) then it is the simpler, reasonable answer which is much more likely to be correct. Once again, in this case the answer is almost certainly no.

    SWOOSH! Two points!

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  • 1 decade ago

    In short, yes, they CAN exist. The real question is, do they? I'm a paranormal investigator but like most good ones, I seek to find every possible explanation for a "paranormal" event before I label it as such. In general, there are three types of "ghosts"...

    1. Poltergeist. The moving of objects by themselves is widely though to be brought on by teenage girls or highly emotional people.

    2. Residual. These hauntings are like watching a playback of a recording of something from the past... such as a Victorian age woman descending the stairs.

    3. Active. These are the ones that try to interact with you either by speech or noises. These are what you typically think of as a ghost. These are also thought to be responsible for EVPs... which are disembodied voices caught on tape. Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

    Source(s): I'm a paranormal investigator.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nah, they're about as 'real' as WWE shows are. It's all for entertainment.

    Ghosts might exist, but any evidence is certainly lacking. I had an experience that could only be described as ghostly/paranormal when I was younger, but given that my sleep patterns were all over the place, it's more likely that I was experiencing mild hallucinations. It's probably the case with other ghostly experiences.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In my personal experience and opinion yes they exist

    ive had many experiences with ghosts/spirits and ive actually seen a couple.

    I have made contact with them and they make contact back. There are many mysteries sorrounding the theory of ghosts and what they actually are and why they are here. But i do beleive they exist.

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      Adam, i saw ghosts /spirits a few times. I was not sleeping. There were other people with me, we did not know each other, it was on a street,the ghost walked pass us and ran into a wall, we all ran for at lease 15mins , than we started to talk ,just one thing "did u see that". I was young then.

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  • 1 decade ago


    A demon who takes the shape of a woman, stealing the vitality of men during sleep.

    Old Hag Syndrome is a phenomenon that has been documented since ancient times. This involves a pressure on the chest, sleep paralysis, a feeling of suffocation and paranormal sounds and smells. This has is similar to poltergeist activity and has been associated with reported cases of vampyre attacks. It is related to the mara, a demon that attacks during the night and with the incubus and succubus that are said to sexually attacks humans. About 15% of the global adult global population has had at least one of these. The name comes from the Middle Ages belief that witches or hags or old hags would sit on a person’s chest and ride it as if it were a broom. Hag ridden to describe a run down feeling comes from this phenomenon.

    I personally experienced it several times - so did a few of my friends.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Of course they don't exist except in your imagination. When you die that is it. There is no soul and no ghostly chains rattling for lost souls floating around in limbo. This life is not a dress rehearsal for anything to come so enjoy yourself. It is only mans' arrogance that some of us believe that life can't end in death and therefore there is something after it.

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