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Ok, here's the problem:

I'm interested in the law and I want to see for myself what a real-life trial in court is really like. I don't know if public hearings are available or not in Hong Kong, but I really want to go to one. Is it possible to like, just go to the court and listen to the hearing?

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    yes you can.

    first you should go to the following website:


    select a court that interests you, then click in to look up the schedule of cases being heard. find one that you want to see and be there.

    when you arrive at court you should have a look first at the door of the court entrance. the following are signs that you would encounter:

    "open court" - public trial. anyone can attend

    "chamber hearing (open to public)" - a chamber hearing but open to the general public.

    "chamber hearing (not open to public)" - a chamber hearing that is closed to the public. anyone unconnected with the case is not admitted.

    the open court hearings are the interesting ones because they are most often a real trial. chamber hearings are there to sort out any legal problems or for minor / private applications.

    the following are points that you should remember when attending court as an observer:

    remember to wear respectable clothes - no torn jeans, sleeveless shirts, flip-flops you can enter or leave court anytime during a session. butremember to bow slightly or nod when you enter and leave court. you are showing your respect to the law & order a judge represents

    take off your cap / hat and sunglasses no talking, eating, drinking, sleeping, reading or listening to mp3 when court is in session turn off your mobile phone cos' it interferes with the recording system of the court. some judges will confiscate it if it rings during session turn off your alarm watches and pagersdo not take notes if you are not a reporter do not bring along any kids under the age of 6 to court no photography anywhere in the court building. this includes any public area outside a court room but within the court building.do not talk to witnesses after they have taken oathsome court session could be boring. eg. commercial crime (they spend a lot of time going over documents and figures). so choose the ones you think you will enjoy and have fun!

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