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    PS我愛你 催淚啊!!

    The PS I love you "with original works of fiction, because there is a good novel Foundation, tenacity schema relationship fire Walker was very fond of, plus some of life's frustration and a love possibilities, there are plenty of good actor, John Powell [John Powell] not Rob Thunder is very competent on the score, although sometimes will slow down the pace, but deemed to wipe the tears of rest time is also good to me.

    Clients are sent to the Manor send Hillary Swann, even if he is gone, have been Hillary Swann side led her ... However, Jerry Butler after all is gone, is always waiting for him, never letting go, right?

    Jerry Butler dead until his last letter concluded this, she found a for her, so man was able to get her love to suck up and lover, but so is God takes away, her pain, really a lot of pain, always in some of the things that you see in the shadow of Jerry Butler, if you lose too important people, is sure to experience Hillary Swann feeling, wonder, what how you want to go on.

    But Hillary Swann is not the only one of the focal point of the movie, she would have their own story, a few of the more important, one is her mother card Beskidy Kathy Bates testified that this law is hereby [], she was abandoned by her husband, has always wanted to protect his daughter will refrain from making the same mistake, not to subject to the same damage, it seems that she doesn't know about Hillary Swann and Jerry Butler between true love, but it is Jerry Butler died, always use few words bring Hillary Swann who have.

    Another is Hillary Swann buddy's small Harry Connick Jr.,] [Harry Connick, he Hillary Swann forsaking his role very embarrassed, I want to cry when Hillary Swann on the shoulder and did not want to just cry when Hillary Swann on the shoulder, this is very reminiscent of friend, filled with nature.

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    There are several Royal Sonesta less supporting role, but also has its own problems, although there are many important supporting role, but not for the sake of something, they all have an independent life,

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    because it is still not read the original works, not daring to determine whether this is because the novels and relatively complete characterizations, all in all, these relationships between the characters, and there will be no feeling of all chip in to get them up on purpose.

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    The PS I love you "the reason that moving, partly because the theme" loss that love is a harrowing, on the other hand, it is because we can say that the movie was almost dead from the point in time it took to start something,

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    allowing the audience more "Jerry Butler chih might still by my side" feelings, in the film, is a direct "entity" Jerry Butler appear on the screen, but I know it is Hillary Swann imagination.

    They do not only me you beautiful so dig in each other's that kind of surface love,

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    they were attracted to each other's personality, they know much about each other, and that the PS I love you ", Jerry Butler know much about Hillary Swann in this direction, he knew she would everything reactions will only be devised this game but it is precisely because he her understanding,

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    through the text in the letter, just like you see in front of Jerry Butler and Hillary Swann conversation.And he knew her good toss in the community for so many years, there are things bland, forget, but Jerry Butler always in my heart that, through this game,

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    he was standing in the role of an absolute authority (because there is no way it's set to Swann protest to him, took only), step by step, so that Hillary Swann vain vitality.

    So the PS I love you "moving, not only at the" they love each other after the lost each other "as simple as that,

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    of course, this is a very sore points, but there are many more, Jerry Butler gave the gift of Clinton Swann, rather than the twirling and continue, as we want to tell Hillary Swann, have been waiting for the next letter there is not a solution, Jerry Butler has died, one day, they will stop.

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    In fact, Jerry Butler's aims not only to help Hillary Swann dawn, he also Hillary Swann happy that he did not tell Hillary Swann to let go, because he knew Hillary Swann or on any person, it is impossible because the words "forget me" set and forget him,

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    and he spent the next mind so that Hillary Swann coming out of their own bit by bit ...

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    This should not be difficult to understand why women viewers will like the audience than men, because the PS I love you "is to let the bride's case, that he continued to feel the love, care, and the warmth of the film.


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