questions about artisan bread

what is rich dough AND lean dough ?

name 3 examples of rich dough AND lean dough

wild yeasts is also called ?

what is bread starters ?

name 3 bread starters used in the bakeshop

why do bakers use bread starters ?

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    A rich dough is a dough that is high on fat , sugar, and eggs. thus making the item your making soft and some what cake like sometimes.

    Examples: brioche, croissants, Danish pastry.

    A lean dough is a dough that has very little or no fat content.

    Examples: baguette,hard rolls, pizza doughs, egg breads.

    Wild yeast is also called Saccharomyces exiguus (also known as S. minor).

    A bread starter is the base for many artisan breads including sourdough and Amish Friendship Bread. It uses naturally occurring wild yeast to raise bread, lending a distinct flavor and texture to the bread which cannot be replicated by commercially harvested yeast.

    3 bread starters: sourdough starter,sponge starter.

    The starter can be used in a recipe, but must be activated so it is vigorously bubbling before using in a recipe.By making a "starter" in which wild yeast can grow, the sourdough baker can raise bread naturally.

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