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If you voted for Obama - are you satisfied so far? Be true.?

I am just curious on what his followers/worshipers think now! Not sure where he is leading us to. 10% unemployment!-done; take over of banks- done; take over of auto industry-done; healthcare- trying still; controlling how much you get paid and your bonus-done: cutting medicare for the elderly- trying;, terrorist attack in Fort Hood by Muslim and he says nothing! - done! WHY? What are his plans? For you that think like him ( lib, terrorist, hatred for America, socialist, democrats, blacks, muslims, etc - you know who you are).What is he doing?


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    People vote a leader in and then they do nothing but criticize and complain about him. I don't agree with everything Obama has said or done, ie 'achieving' the noble peace prize, but I am satisfied with some of his actions as president.

    - implemented a national health care program for all americans (currently being implemented)

    - closed gitmo (currently being implemented)

    - improved foreign relations with other countries (completed)

    - reversed bans on funding abortions (completed)

    - saved the US from a terrible depression (completed)

    - reversed tax cuts for the wealthy (completed)

    The man has definitely been busy.

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    I'm a little disappointed. He should have done a better job reigning in the deficit, spending and not approving special interest projects and pork bills. Also, his debate with FOX news is petty and he should just concentrate on important things. He has already caved in to Israel on settlements as well, the (blind) US support of Israel is one of the biggest reasons for anger against us abroad.

    Finally, the health care bill while important, should not be rushed whatsoever. And any illusions of it saving money are just that, illusions.

    In short, I think he has not been courageous enough when he could have been, and he really really needs to curb spending as the deficit will end up bringing the country down otherwise.

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    sure. They be attentive to you will no longer vote for Obama under any circumstances. Democrats pull the comparable shite on us. we would somewhat be boiled alive than vote for Romoney. The Pols have have been given you and that i by utilising the fast hairs. Too undesirable Ron Paul does no longer have faith in Bankster regulation or any help for the undesirable. we would have the capacity to restoration this place if we've been given at the same time yet they ain't gonna permit that ensue.

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    Only a fool would vote for him again... but he has a lot of fools following him that will follow him like they have every cult leader that is just a little sharper than they are.

    You have to give him credit, however. So far he's won the peace prize and he's kept us safe, as long as you weren't in the military at Fort Hood or waiting for reinforcements in Afghanistan.

    I also like the way he apologizes for his perceived mistakes by America. It tells us that he clearly will accept responsibility when he makes a mistake. Yeah, quite a guy, he is.

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    I'll be true. Perhaps you don't remember, but during George Bush's first six months in office, many thought that he had gone on vacation, because he wasn't heard from. However, Obama had an economic mess to deal with and thus far, according to most economists, the economy is improving. And soon. your credit card company will no longer be able to screw you.

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    I didn't vote for him, but I'm well satisfied that he's doing what needs to be done. Some of the programs would seem a bit extreme, and the radical right wingers are more than eager to criticize. By using good common sense most Americans can easily see the whys.

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    This has been planed for years . There all in on it . Its not going to a one world government as of yet its going to a one world economy . This all started way back with Reagan its just now catching up with us . We are not looking at a strong dollar anymore we are looking at a Strong trade . Think things are bad now . Hold on prices are going to sky rocket . Move over america the third world is moving in . The third world is not becoming like us we are becoming like them . Did any of you put in for your grass hut ? Wall-mart has coffins on sale imported from china . Satisfied? No not since 1981 .

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    My only dissatisfaction is that he tried to appease and incorporate Republicans in the passage of a Health Care Bill and wasted 6 months doing so. Unemployment was caused by the stock market and housing market crashes which happened during Bush's administration. The only caps on pay Pres Obama has instituted is on the Wall Street thieves who caused the collapse and then paid themselves bonuses out of the bailout money Bush gave them to fix the crises he helped them cause through total deregulation and elimination of oversight.

    As to the take over of the auto industry, two of the big three simply went bankrupt because they refused to make a dependable, fuel efficient car, and lost the auto market to Japan auto makers, then they also and begged for a bailout which Bush also set into motion. If they had been allowed to just file bankruptcy, they would have been taken over by the Bankruptcy Court (that's how bankruptcy works), so they would have been taken over either way. Exactly the same thing is true of the banks, which collapsed under Bush, begged for, and were given a bailout under Bush. Medicare has not been cut and there is no proposal to cut it; that's just a made up story on the internet.

    He did speak about the Ft Hood shooting, and there's nothing left to say about it. It was one lone mentally disturbed soldier. If blame is to be assigned there, it is with the folks running Ft Hood. Tragic that event was, but it is nothing compared to 9-11, which ALSO occurred while Bush was president, and of which he was clearly warned (remember Sec Rice reading the memo in front of Congress?).

    Pres Obama has been president for 10 months. Given the incredible disaster handed to him (us) by Bush, and the relentless opposition he has had from psycho-conservatives (like the birthers) how much could you possibly expect him to accomplish??

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    I didn't vote for Obama, nor do I regret not doing so. I knew from the beginning he'd fail this country.


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    Yup. He's doing a fine job. And I'll be voting for Him again when he's up for re-election in 2012. So you'd better get USED to Him... He could STILL be the President- right through 2016 ! :)

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