successful terrorist negotiations?!!plz help?

can anyone give me instances of successful terrorist negotiations. its for a project, and i can't think of any.

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  • Adamo
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    1 decade ago
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    The Irish Republican Army! (they are now one of the main political parties in Northern Ireland).

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  • 1 decade ago

    The snipers shooting the Somali pirates during the hostage situation a couple months ago is a good example. Not terrorist negotiations but you could apply the lesson to terrorist negotiations.

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  • corbo
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    3 years ago

    no longer even the strictest secure practices strategies can supply up each attempt by utilising desperate terrorist firms, some like the London bombing and ny instruct this, Al Qaeda (as an occasion), are actually not a sparkling possibility yet a o.k. commonplace one, because it grew to become into funded and experienced by utilising the united statesand U.ok for the period of the Afgan conflict in the 80`s. Dozens of terrorist assaults are foiled international daily!,and the commonplace public in no way even hear of them,it is often extreme profile assaults,while somebody,someplace needs to respond to some extreme questions approximately secure practices,it is while each and all of the conspiracy theroies is inspite of each thing no longer unknown for governments to sacrifice civilians to extra political advantageous properties.present day countries must be to blame of protecting the commonplace public in a persevering with state of worry (for one reason or yet another) just to maintain them subdued and to instruct the dominance of their government ("you are able to`t stay properly devoid persons"). Skepticsm on your government would be a reliable ingredient, dont believe each thing they say, think of and have your very own opinion

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