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Joomla or Microsoft Visual Web?

I'm a born designer and code languages confuses me completely,

Currently creating nice looking websites with a mega simple WYSIWYG and like to make my sites technically a bit better, are Joomla or MVW good options, what to choose ?

I love to keep it 'human' with an easy learning curve because I'm a designer not a coder. Too many buttons like in AdobePhotoshop I also dislike a lot but use my own creativity.

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    Joomla and Microsoft Visual Web Developer are totally different things. True, they're both to do with web development, but they have different purposes.

    Firstly, neither is a programming language, technically. Microsoft Visual Web is a program that you can install on your computer to assist you to code in ASP.NET and Javascript.

    Joomla! is a program which you use as part of a website. It's not one which you install on your computer. You upload it to your website, set it up, and it does lots of useful organisation for you (its called a CMS - content management system). To make a new page you just have to type in what you want in a text box and click "save". No uploading is needed after installing Joomla!.

    If you're a designer not a coder you want Joomla. MVW is a coder's tool. Keep in mind though you need some code to get Joomla off the ground, a medium amount of PHP. After that, however, no experience is necessary.

    Also, look out for Drupal and other content management systems.

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    in joomla you don't need codes it is all there, but it is complicated at the beginning but when you read the references you will get all the required.

    For designing joomla is better because you can work on designing a part then add it to joomla.

    Microsoft visual web is good for designing to but since you don't like coding joomla is better for you.

    For me I love coding so both aren't for me :)

    Also joomla is online based system but Microsoft V W is not.

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    I propose the CoffeeCup loose HTML Editor (link below). The paid version (you will get a loose trial) has a seen selection, yet i do no longer propose it. surely, i do no longer propose any seen editors because of the fact they generate clumsy code with inefficient in-line varieties and customarily awful HTML. in case you will get everywhere enhancing HTML, you will ought to benefit HTML, to no longer point out CSS. start up with the help of taking small steps, see what works and what would not and you would be discovering very immediately.

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