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Are You Fed Up With Chase Bank?

If so, join the bandwagon by closing your accounts and enrolling in another bank. Every since Chase took over WaMu, these guys have lied about not changing the policies: they've increased the APR of many cardholders, and eliminated the overdraft protection that many consumers relied on in this weak economy.

I'm sure you have a horror story of your own, no need to tell me, email the executive office and let your voice be

And let them know you're CLOSING YOUR ACCOUNT.

When they're struggling, they receive a bailout. When you're struggling, they increase the fees!

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    1 decade ago
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    Chase happened to be the only company that actually had the nerve to raise my credit card rates and then send me the new "Sapphire" card in the mail the next day. I have two " black" Visa's from other banks and never am late on payments and usually keep my credit cards payed off. I did pen off a letter (not an EM..I thought this deserved an honest to goodness real old fashioned hand written letter to the CEO of Chase Manhattan and told them in an extremely nice way that not only could they put their credit cards where the sun didn't shine but that I also was moving one of my "larger" accounts out of their bank within the week.

    I actually got a phone call from some "executive" who said that they had a "mandatory" raise on APR on all credit cards but were willing to lower mine because I was a special customer...I told him "too bad...I've already closed all my accounts with your bank".

    Peace, Love & Happiness

    EDIT: Looking back over the past years statements I find all these extra "fees" that I cannot figure out what they are for. I don't use the checking account or debit cards on this bank. I'm glad they raised the APR so I got a closer look on how they were ripping me off and I didn't even really know!!!

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    Face the facts of life bank is a four letter word

    Chase is horrible if I bank needs to offer me $125 to open a checking account something is wrong with them for them to get accounts by mergers and bribes that tells it all

    Join your local Credit Union do yourself a favor and stick it to Chase

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    1 decade ago

    I am closing my account actually.

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