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how can you teach yourself japanese?

I am very interested in learning Japanese (i have been for a couple years) but I'm not sure what part to learn first. I recognize a few kanji (between 50-80) and definitions some yomi pronunciation (not many) from researching for my hobbies like Japanese swords and art. I would like to know in steps how to learn Japanese like from dictionaries and online resources, such as hiragana,katakana,pronunciation, word meanings, kanji. what should come first and second and so on.

ps. I'm willing to put maximum effort out to compensate for not buying language software or something.

thank you!


In response to answer one, I knew that would be the case but I would like to learn as much as possible until I can take a professionally instructed class. At least be able to read aloud texts in Japanese eventually. sorry for not being specific.

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    Hiragana should definitely come first, as it is pretty much the basis for the language.

    Here's a chart:

    and go row by row until you've learned them all.

    Katakana (correct me if I'm wrong) is mainly used for foreign words??

    However, learning by yourself is extremely hard, and I recommend classes or something, as it is a very hard language.

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    You can't teach yourself a language because in order for you to correctly learn a language you have to have some way of realizing when you're wrong and being corrected. As a learner you're not going to have any idea what is right or wrong, and your textbooks will only be able to tell you the right and wrong versions of a select few sample sentences.

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