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Do you consider this quote by Obama to be slander of freedom/constitution-loving Americans and divisive?

The New York Times reported Obama said at a closed-door meeting with junior Congresspersons pushing his Obamacare bill...

“Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.”


Barack Obama not only misrepresented these Constitutional supporting Government Americans, but then he went on to list them in the ranks of terrorists.

This is not a person in the White House intent on uniting America, but he is a 3rd world despot of diversity criminalizing United States Citizens for loving life and not submitting to his Marxist death panels.

For the Democrats supporting Mr. Obama, I hope you pay attention to the last quote which Mr. Obama lectured on to your Representatives, because in Jim Jones drink the green kool aid fashion, he just isolated all Democrats and went on a purge in cook drink assassination of Independents kicking them off the Obama bus and under it, too.


“If you want to see a recipe for failure, don’t do the things you talked about in your campaigns and turn your back on your base. All the independent voters in the world don’t matter if the Democrats don’t turn out.”


So Obama is saying neither independents nor conservatives matter to his Obama world, only Democratic (note that's not the same as Democrat, it's a new party which is decidedly socialist aka "the democratic party") voters matter to him.


Mr. Obama: The term is "Tea Party" a proper description referencing colonists' objections to taxation without representation. "TEABAG" is a dirty filthy foul disgusting homosexual act reference.

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    Capa, You are indeed a patriot. I applaud you. However, I find one of these respondents extremely uninformed. To say that "no one believes that the Tea Party Protesters care about the Constitution" is...well, I can't say it on Yahoo. Those are strong words with no way of him proving what he said, but very easily disproven.

    Just for the sake of laughs, I believe that the Tea Party protesters care about the Constitution and I know that I am not alone, especially after having been a volunteer at a polling station in a designated Democratic district. Voter after voter stopped by to chat, voicing their opinion on just how angry they are with Obama and his policies. Just so you know, those voters were from all different political parties. The one thing they had in common was that they wanted to send a message to The White House to "Back Off!" Those people are angry with Obama and his big government. They are upset at how our government has gone after the CIA, especially as they keep our country safe. Many spoke of Obama's indecision to send more troops to Afghanistan. Others were embarrassed at how Obama runs our country down and apologizes to foreign countries for America. It upset them that this health care bill is being rammed down the throats of all Americans. People wanted Congress to stop, take a breath, and spend time on it. They were upset that they were promised transparency and it is exactly the opposite. The voters want to see the bill before it is passed. The Health Care Bill, according to Rasmussen today, Nov 9th, states that 52 percent of the American people polled do not want it, while 45 percent are in favor of it.

    I believe that the voters in both Virginia and new Jersey made their message clear on Nov 3rd, regardless of what David Axelrod issued from The White House the morning after the Nov 3rd elections. The Republicans took Virginia and New Jersey. David Axelrod put a spin on it, as the Democrats took NY, saying that the Democrats won and that people were not trying to send a message to The White House. As Dick Morris said, "David Axelrod is an extremely intelligent person. There is no way he believes what he said."

    Personally, I think the Tea Party Protesters are the most patriotic of the American people. "They never said a word while Republicans trampled on it. They are merely conservatives who are venting the hatred for Obama that conservative media has bred into them." They organized themselves without the media. When the media learned about them, they did interview them, but the media did not organize them. What comes across is that lying does not make what they say true.

    Actually, if people listened to the news, the Tea Party contained much more than our Conservatives. Just because your respondent misrepresented the truth by saying all the people in the country certainly does not make what he said so. Obama is a disaster, _ell bent on ruining our country, but we, the people, united we stand, divided we fall, will be the victors. We are the land of the free and the brave and always will be, even with Marxists that try and take over our country.

    Yes, Obama is the most indecisive, divisive president that has ever walked into The White House. His Hawaiian grandfather was a Marxist, while his Hawaiian mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a known Communist. These two men were his role models. His idol was Saul Alinsky, an infamous Marxist and Community Organizer, from the 1930's. Alinsky's book, Rules for Radicals, taught him how to rule and if you read it ,you will see how he is using Alinsky's teachings to try and govern us. Obama wants to be a dictator, not our president. As far as I am concerned, Obama is The Most Radical Inexperienced, Indesisive, Divisive, Do Nothing President of all times with a Marxist/Communist agenda for the USA.

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    No it's not slander.

    "The New York Times reported Obama said at a closed-door meeting"

    It's a closed door meeting, so what he was stating was his opinion to confidants. He didn't give a quote or misrepresent anyone. I also don't respect quotes because they can be edited (legaly) so they can say whatever they want. Also if it was a closed door meeting, how did any reporter get a quote?

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    No, I don't consider it slander. I consider it personal opinion and the reality of politics. No one believes that the Tea Party protestors care about the Constitution. They never said a word while Republicans trampled on it. They are merely conservatives who are venting the hatred for Obama that conservative media has bred into them.

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    Nope but i do consider your question as being so angry that you post questions you probably heard your mom and dad say

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    I think everything Obama says is right, "change is believing in me."

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    Alright, good for you, in our country, we call it "maize."

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