has anybody made a 976 call and was charged $19?

I was chaged by my telephone company $19 for a call I may or may not have made for one minute. I called AT&T and gthey said they could not do a thing about it, yet many people have called in and complained. AT&T could disconnect the number if thousands of people are being charged or could it be that AT&T is getting paid also. What can we the people do about this because if we allow it to happen today we all may have to pay twice that amount.

The number I called or was said to have called was 1-312-975-4250.

What other telephone services are there besides AT&T?

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  • joe r
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    1 decade ago
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    you are not saying definitively that you did not make this call... you are saying that you may have, or may not have... so I am going to assume that you DID make the call, and since all 976 numbers are premium numbers then you are responsible for the charges... changing carriers does not make this any less of a legitimate debt that you still owe... and many CLEC carriers will not likely switch you over, or ATT may refuse to release the line to another carrier if you have an outstanding balance on your account...

  • RICH
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    1 decade ago

    Since '976' numbers charge, (mostly sex lines) I had the phone company block my phone from being able to call 976... Just takes a call to block these charging numbers..

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