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whats your opinion on arranged marriage?

im getting married in 4 years too my step cousin, who i have only met 4 times. my mum is muslim and so is my step dad so they wanted me too but have never forced me. im 14 now, i won't regret it i like the guy im marrying and im having a english wedding, my mum has let me plan the wedding mostly, when im 16 he is moving in with me because we have more space. and we are going to have a baby straight after the wedding! my friends think im stupid but im happy. what are your thoughts on arranged marriage ?


err... are you dumb!! he isnt my relative he is my STEP cousin, my STEP dads cousins son, so actually, he is my step second cousin ! don't you know this stuff!

Update 2:

i think your the one who is a product of brother and sister having a baby!! your the slow one idiot, like i just said HE IS NOT RELATED TO ME, HE IS MY STEP COUSIN, IN NO WAY DO WE SHARE THE SAME DNA, OUR KIDS WILL NOT BE SLOW !!!! LIKE YOU !

Update 3:

oh im not stuck, we can get divorce if things don't work out and i have met him, he is lovely and such a gentleman, i would like too add that aswell we are both equals, i wouldn't marry him if he thought that he is the better one.

any guy that i marry may turn out too be abusive!

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    honestly i think its kinda cool(:

    especially since you like the guy(:

    i think its pretty awesome :D

    wish you the best.

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    If you are in the UNITED STATES, your parents should be living their lives as US CITIZENS and not forcing the culture of their former country on you ESPECIALLY if you were BORN in the USA.... IF, however, you are from another country and the tradition in that country IS arranged marriages, then I guess you have to abide like your ancestors before you in the arranged marriage.. I wouldn't make waves yet as you are only 13 and unless they plan on marrying you off in the next year or two, you have NOTHING to worry about YET....

  • Nazli
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    Well I personally don't think that you can be forced to love somebody. But, suprisingly arranged marriages have a higher success rate than "love" marriages. This is mostly because the whole family is behind the decision so you have a bigger support system. Just do what you feel is right, good luck.

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    That's really frightening! I would be furious if they did that to me, I'm 16! I wouldn't be able to do that right now, I'm still a kid and need time to mature in my mistakes! : ) I feel that you don't need to follow the rules but in a respectful manner. Your still a kid for God's sake! Think of all the experiences in your later teen years that you will miss. Are you ready to be a mother figure? Yet it seems to me like your happy with this desicion.

    But if it were in my case, sorry, adios! can't do it. I want to be able to fall in love with the right woman on the right time, not forced to live with some stranger against my will. It's like torture. But I don't want to offend your mother beliefs. I just wouldn't be able to handle it.

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    Totally unfair to the people getting're 14, you "like" the guy, your step Your parents are seriously doing this to you???

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    I think its strange. Im American and things like that just dont happen here. I think if your happy go with it. Your so young though I would think that you would choose to enjoy your childhood first before having a child of your own.

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    In some cultures (like yours) arranged marriage is very common and normal. To some westerners like myself I believe it's a woman/man's right to choose who they want to spend their life with and have children with. It's great that you are looking at this in a positive way more power to you. If you believe in it then it's the right thing for you. It's also great you don't let your friends dictate your feelings, opinions and choices.

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    UGH!!! I really am against arranged marriges unless the two getting married are truly in love, and i guess if this guy is as in love with you as you are him, then i would work. BUT!! if hes forcedd into this the i would definetly not go through this!! :D hope i helped!

    Source(s): but seriosly i am against arrange marrages
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    I think arranged marriages are stupid and the people who make there children do it are just trying to control their life.

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    I'm with your friends, arranged marriage is ridiculous in a civilized world.

    What happens if he turns out to be abusive, can you divorce him...or are you stuck?

  • In countries where this is the norm, I understand this.

    In this country, I am appalled at anyone purposely having babies nad marriage as teens.

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