Is it possible to work with electric vehicles for a living?

The title pretty much says it all.

I have a passion for electric vehicles, both motorcycles and cars. I was wondering if it is possible to become an "electric car mechanic", or anything that works with electric vehicles?

Thanks in advance.

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    Yes there are many companies that are making electric vehicles. You could be involved with the manufacturer.

    Once vehicles are made some maintenance may be required. You could become trained to work on a companies vehicles.

    There are companies that are specializing in retrofitting an electric engine in ICE vehicles. You could do this.

    There are many electric vehicle clubs or you could start your own. They promote the use of EV and may also do conversions.

    And last there may be companies that are doing research or are making parts for electric vehicles. You might be able to get involved on this level.

    While the economy is not in such great shape just now and finding any job is a challenge you need to knock on doors to get what you want. Start with a list and write letters asking for advice and possibilities for employment. Just because the field is currently small does not mean that you will not with effort find some way to work within it. Below you will find references to two lists and an article about cheap electric conversions:

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  • 1 decade ago

    At this point electric cars are a rather small field, you can't get trade school training in electric repair and find a job in the classified ads. But if you are passionate about it and are willing to relocate you may be able to get some training in electronics then make a connection with an electric car maker or conversion installer.

    I have seen a banner ad for "the first hybrid only repair shop" popup in several sites. Hybrid repair would be a more fruitful specialty for now.

    One place where electric cars are becoming 'standard' is Holland, where there is a 180% gas engine tax. They are really pushing to get more electrics using their windmill power.

    Source(s): General electric info, Electric Auto Association: Hybrid mechanic training November 19 -23 in Mass.
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  • 1 decade ago

    You could convert existing gasoline cars and turn them into electric cars with the additional advantage of REVIVED BATTERIES (no cost, discarded batteries that have been rejuvenated) to avoid the $40K expense of Lithium battery packs. The World's Cheapest Vehicle to Operate is the Revived Battery Electric Pickup Truck, as shown on CTV, Global, CBC Newsworld and chosen as one of the best inventions of the year 2008 by "Vancouver" and "Canadian Business" magazines. You could also sell reconditioned batteries to folks with solar (photovoltaic) systems for their homes, i.e. "off the grid" homes, rural, or on isolated locations and islands.

    There are electric vehicle manufacturers and "converters" that are hiring people, too.

    Be aware that although there are several "battery reconditioning" electronic devices (examples: "Tesla Chargers" - battery charger, "ClubClub" reconditioner "desulfator" and "desulfation" devices and chemicals -- the fact is, only one electric vehicle has worked with "dead batteries" for three years. (Which makes me wonder -- if the Tesla and other desulfators actually work, why aren't they showing video clips of revived battery electric vehicles, too?) Therefore, it seems that the Revived Battery Electric Pickup rejuvenation method must be the only one that really works well enough for an electric vehicle.

    Source(s): Worlds Cheapest Vehicle to Operate at 30 cents a day high res REVIVED BATTERIES in BATTERY ONLY ELECTRIC PICKUP TRUCK still WORK 3 YEARS LATER (Youtube) Tesla Chargers Global TV's newscast on Revived Batteries Pickup
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  • 1 decade ago

    The time will come when that becomes true, but for now, you mat be limited to golf cart type vehicles. They are becoming more popular for on street use at this moment.

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