Could I get into these Universities?

I am from Pennsylvania and a junior in high school and I have been looking ahead to my future a lot so far, and I have chosen that I would like nothing else than to go to one of these schools and major in journalism, history, or double major in both of them. and then become either a government journalist, sports journalist, or history teacher.

1. Point Park University (Pittsburgh, PA)

2. St. Cloud State University (St. Cloud, MN)

3. University of Maryland

4. University of Miami (Miami, FL)

5. Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA)

6. University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX)

7. Northwestern University (Chicago, IL)

My current grades during junior year (this year):

Phys. Ed. 11 = 100

Health 11 = 100

English 11 = 85

Environmental Science (lab) = 97

Global Studies = 100

Algebra II = 82

Crafts = 100 (art class required for graduation)

Journalism II = 100

Overall High School Percentage = 93

Overall High School GPA = 3.4

High School Class Rank = 165/328 (this was at the end of sophomore year, I think it's higher now.)

The extra-curricular activities I am involved in are SADD Club, Wrestling Team Manager, Wrestling Team Student Athletic Trainer, Church Softball Team, and Youth Group.

Also I am a sports reporter for my high school’s newspaper, The Rocket Star. I also have my own sports column called Player of the Month.

Finally, this year, and probably my senior year I have a Student Internship with WOYK, a sports radio broadcasting network. I will go to sporting events, collect stats, call in stats, and broadcast the game I reviewed on live radio.

(Please don't respond saying journalism is dying right now. I know it is. I'm not asking for career advice, I'm asking for college advice.)

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    Actually, you shouldn't have any trouble "getting in."

    As most of the Universities you listed are public, or state schools, that allow most students in that qualify.

    Minimum requirements are a high school diploma, C+ grade average, and the ability to pay your fees.

    Colleges are not free, whether public or private.

    So, start saving up money for tuition, and room and board if you leave home.

    When going "out of state" you pay a penalty, as "in-state" students supposedly have partly paid for their public college education through state taxes. Non-residents are penalized.

    Picking a college in your own state often saves several thousand dollars a year.

    Check with your high school counseling center for what standardized tests each college requires. These tests are not so much required for admission, but are used to screen potential applicants for special programs, like scholarship and financial aid.

    Colleges are most likely to admit students who are financially able.

    It makes no sense to approve an application, then have the student default on fees or tuition, it's costly to colleges to do that.

    Be sure to take all the high school history and English classes you can, because of your prospective majors, but also history and English, IMO, best prepare you to do the research, writing, and papers that are required for all classes.

    Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't know about the other schools, but Northwestern has a top journalism program, so it may be very tough to get into the program [as a major], if not the college itself. You should check to see whether there are special requirements for admission to that program.

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  • 4 years ago

    Hey, lol first of all, stop being racist. I've seen your posts and you always make some smart remark to the race or skin color of the person. I'm reporting you. Anyway., Your chances do look good, high ACT, alot of EC's, and a high GPA. All you need is a good essay and very good recommendations to make you extremley competitive for those schools.. Especially John Hopkins and UCLA.

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  • RT
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    1 decade ago

    Grades are one thing - SAT scores are another.

    You seem to be doing pretty good - but it depends on how grade inflated your school is and whether you are actually learning anything at your school. So SAT's will be important.

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