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What happens when nothing happens?

What will happen when everything stops happening? Will something still happen? Is there anything after everything? If there is 'outside the box', does that mean there still is 'a box outside'? Did you get out the box just to get into a bigger box?

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    void equals infinity

    here we exist in an active side of infinity

    if this activity ceased

    everything active would simply become inactive

    there are no solids

    never was and never will be

    most of the darn universe is silent

    silence would swallow us up

    stillness world rein

    matter would be no more

    this womb of creation

    would abort

    the ice queen would vanish too

    for light has come to rest in the dark star

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    Something will always happen, even if you think nothing is happening. Our minds are geared to think constantly, so something even considered as thinking is "happening" whether you'd accepted or not. Thinking or living "outside the box", is living outside conventionality. Personally? I prefer AND live outside the box, because anything else, being in the box,

    is intolerable. I am not conventional in any way. As an eccentric I am forced to have to live and FOREVER Outside the EXTREMELY and BORING - dull interior box.

    Source(s): My life's preference.
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    When nothing happens,the act of happening will continue till some new event emerges out of nothing.

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    your life could stop anytime while everything continues,

    this is the only box I can figure out.



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    has a hard time wrapping our mind around the concept... imagines the ending is really the beginning as it consumes everyone to recreate it again and again…

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    Time (progression) will still be occurring as it's eternal.

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    we'll die. but who can say what kind of box we will get into?

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    1 decade ago

    alot happens... everything happens.

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    self realization

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