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I'm all for acknowledging that a "creator" might exist, but why go so far as to make It seem almost human?

I am agnostic, and as a result I try to keep an open mind about things I believe I do not and cannot know given my current situation.

I cannot, for example, look into the gaping maw of a black hole and see where it leads. I cannot peer into the brain of another human being and see what motivates them.

Certainly there are many wondrous things that happen in our lives. Each of us, indeed, is a walking, talking, thinking miracle, the product of either random chance or directed intelligence or something else outside of our perception.

Many assume the creator is loving, but why should It be when bad things happen to good people all the time? Many also assume that the creator thinks man is superior to woman, but why should It promote this when men and women can perform a great many tasks on at least equal footing? One particularly ludicrous assumption is that a version of this creator somehow prefers its male followers to have the foreskin of their penis painfully lopped off in infancy, how does this make sense?

I acknowledge the possibility that a "creator" may exist, but isn't it going too far to attribute human-like values to It?


Thom Yorke: I didn't say I believe in any creator, I said I'm open to the possibility; it doesn't qualify as a delusion if there isn't something to be deluded about.

Oli: It's a reasonable question, not merely a rant. But I bet you'd rant if you had a sensitive and nerve-ending-rich part of your penis chopped up and thrown away for your God.

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    Hmm... i will note I am not agnostic. but it seems to me you can't build a sky scraper from the top down. The assumptions of many do not define truth, therefore your search for your answer has to be raw. If these "many" use the bible to support some conclusions it is easy to arrange simple manipulation in scripture.

    as far as human like values. consider how man creates things. Sure he "creates" cars and shoes and roller coasters; however, his most valiant efforts are creating something with characteristics liken that to himself. i.e. cloning attempts, robots, artificial Intelligence, etc. It would make sense that a creator would make something to imitate him. Genesis describes this saying "let us make man in our own image". it is not too far fetched that a creator would want something at least like him just enough so that there could be interaction. That is why he wants you to chose to love him.

    i could keep going but im sure my argument will be rejected anyway. Just remeber that any source had to come from something and "goo to you by way of the zoo" preceded by and random "big bang" just doesnt quite have it.

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    Yes it is... your right!

    If both male and females exist, why would one be better than the other? My creator is not a God per se', because Gods are smaller than that of a creator of all. The power and intelligence behind my Creator is much more powerful than any God, which gods are mostly looked at as men or women-like figures. Both good and bad things are from the same source. Many of the things were have been taught are man-made ideas. That is why the Old testament seems like an angry older generation man, In the old testament, God was always pissed at his creation for not doing what he wanted... does that sound like a god of everything?

    Then in the New testament God seemed to change to more like that of a woman, more loving and compassionate for people. If God is perfect, and the bible is the word, how could there be such a difference in Gods emotional and psychological well being from one section of the book to the other?

    You touch on things I have been saying, that since we can not personally travel out to the universe and witness a black hole, or other things scientist are theorizing, it is almost the same as religions claiming that thousands of years it go it was this way or that way. We only have the words of those written and those trust... but who knows the truth... does anyone?

    While it is okay to belief what you want, to argue about it serves no purpose when it can ot be proven.

    I stick to my Creator. Even the would creator can be picked apart by the evolutionist among others. Am I saying their was an intelligent creator? What ever started the big bang, the universes, people, etc., who knows, but one thing we can see is that just the human body and how it works is very complex... hard to imagine that this could just happen out of chaos.

    One planet in our system with life on it, and accident? It just happened to bear food and all the things we need to sustain life. That is pretty amazing. Then scientist using the Hubble telescope are finding other galaxies where it is thought more life might be found. When we think of the size of this accident... it gets much more exciting.

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    Sorry if it offends anyone but this answer is based on my understanding.

    The creator is indeed loving. If you were given the power to create living being, would you just kill them after you make them? Thus, the bad things come from the fallen angels. They tried to deceive people even from the beginning, making them suffer, hoping they with join the dark side.

    The creator doesn't make a man superior to woman. It is just a human perception because, more stories with man and God exists in the bible. Thus giving man the superior feeling because they deal with God more than woman does.

    The circumcise was later rejected by the apostle Paul, as how Jesus rejected the Law of Moses. There is no point in following the law if we doesn't get the true message from it.

    The creator exist. Giving it a human-like attribute was probably the best way to describe God as we don't know how it may look like.

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    Precisley, it is not our place to understand only theorize which is all we can do. The worst thing is not keeping an open mind, believing that we have no particular significance and are not part of any grand scheme. It is also very ignorant and egotistical to believe that humans are the smartest and most complex forms of life that exist, perhaps we are on earth but in the abyss of the universe that theoretically can not be true. If the universe is infinite as some would believe, than no matter how smart, or complex a race is there will always be another more powerful and superior one. Can a race far off in a distant galaxy be considered gods? perhaps...

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    I believe you are demonstrating a healthy belief in God that resonates with humanity's modern experiences. The older religions that helped people survive in the deserts, literal and figurative, really don't have that much to tell us about how to live responsibly today.

    The need for the full emancipation of women (half our species) is obvious. The need for attitudes that bring strangers closer rather than driving them further apart is also obvious. The need to use the power of science to further our material and psychological world is also obvious. The need to work towards genuine and lasting peace is also obvious.

    The Creator has given us this remarkable assignment and I truly believe that people like you will choose to accept it.

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    It is going too far, but we've created God in our OWN image, not the other way around. Our imaginations are limited to what we know. To me, God is a mystery. I just know that He/She exists, but I can't begin to understand such a great mind.

    I don't think God wants boys' penises lopped off, by the way. In Jesus' time it might have prevented some diseases, but that is no longer true. Men are better off intact. Humans made up this "law" and attributed it to God.

    Jimmy Carter left his church, partly because of the abysmal way it treats women. His interpretation of the Bible is that women should be revered and honored. He blames Southern Baptists for interpreting it in the opposite way. Jimmy Carter is one of my favorite human beings ever. His balance of church and state is admirable.

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    To most of us, humanity is the most advanced and complex thing in our experience. The concept of a Creator requires something that includes all our powers and more. Humanity is our starting point for thinking about God; how could it be otherwise?

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    There isn't any reason to make Him "almost human" in fact the more human you make him the less of a true God he becomes. On the other hand just as you can see the personality of Frank Lloyd Wright in his Architecture you can see the personality of God in his creation.

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    You've got a bunch of different questions there, but I'll address the first/last one:

    Humans are unique, aren't they? Yes, we share 98% of our DNA with monkeys, etc., but really, aren't humans unique in terms of how we live our lives, our intellectual works, our knowledge of death?

    The 'creator' is unique, isn't it?

    So we have two unique entities, compared to the billions of other entities (species), of which we're considering in this universe.

    Couldn't those two unique entities share some attributes?

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    I acknowledge the possibility that a "creator" may exist, but isn't it going too far to attribute human-like values to It?

    If you already believe this,then,you are almost a muslim.

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