Central hotels/apartments in Playas de las americas, Tenerife?

Boyfriend returns from Afghan in Jan so we're planning a holiday in Feb to Tenerife but are struggling to find a nice hotel for couples but also one that's central too! Can anyone help?

Thanks! x

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    Here's few central playa de las americas hotels that might be suitable;

    Troya Park

    Tenerife Sol (right on top of night life)

    Gala (also right on top of night life but you'd never know it)

    Columbus (popular with singles and groups in the summer)

    Noelia Sur

    Colon 2 apartments

    Las Palmeras

    Coral Beach (can be a bit family orientated in the summer but should be ok in feb)

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    In Tenerife you certainly can do such a thing you feel like any time of the entire year thanks to its climate, natural surroundings and tourist infrastructure made for enjoyment for the family which means this place is the right area for a great holiday and with hotelbye you can get it. In Tenerife are a lot of things waiting for you to find and one particular is in the south west shore of Tenerife. A location that's a spectacular location for watching whales free in the ocean. As much as 26 species are observed only off the coast, including baleen whales, killer whales, dolphins, pilot whales and even blue whales. In Tenerife you may also see The Teide National Park. At 3,718 metres, Teide volcano is Spain's highest peak and their two ecosystems make the rise an experience packed with contrasts.

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    I trust what Amy suggested. I too have lived and worked there and it is notably lots an all year around place to flow. test the patch, veronicas and starco and you'll have the capacity to detect what bars you like your self. people say veronicas is a no flow section, I say suck it and see. I worked for a bar on veronicas for almost my complete time there and enjoyed it. i could reccommend Starcos: Linikers - super music, super team and consistently packed out. Rags - open till 6am, smaller than tramps yet the two as reliable. Tramps - lower back open till 6am get a good number of perfect djs with the aid of summer season whether i'm undecided while they supply up coming, the two way you have have been given to flow to tramps. Veronicas: The Cally Bar - Scottish bar, super team, DJ and drink deals. Jumpin Jaks: effective open terrace and robust music. I went on my first women holiday in Tenerife and that i enjoyed it lots I went lower back to artwork there right here year.

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    You can have more info here: http://www.facebook.com/tenerife.travel , in http://www.webtenerife.com or just calling to 00 800 100 101 00 (they answer in spanish, english and german, they really helped me once)...

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