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Should we forgive Chris Beniot?

I have a very hard time wraping my mind around what he did to his wife & child. I get that he was not himself but I just cant get over it. Any thoughts?

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    "Forgive" might not be the right word. "Understand" is probably a better word.

    The Chris Benoit that excited and entertained fans all over the world for 20 years was not the Chris Benoit that killed his family and himself.

    We know about Benoit's brain damage. It is well-known that the autopsy revealed Benoit's brain to be similar to an 85 year old Alzheimer's sufferer.

    Alzheimer's Disease has got to be the cruelest affliction known to man. It scrambles your brain and turns your mind to Swiss Cheese. It robs you of your sense of self, your sense of identity. It slowly kills and erases all of your memories until you don't even know your own name, and the identities of family you've lived with your whole life! Alzheimer's robs you of YOU. It takes away your sense of what's right and wrong, it screws up your mind so badly you can't even think with any sort of logic and clarity. This is why Alzheimer's sufferers always end up in "assisted living facilities" BECAUSE they can no longer think for themselves and care for themselves.

    A minor blip on wrestling fans' radar was Verne Gagne (himself suffering from Alzheimer's) killing a man in the "assisted living facility" he is living in. A minor argument turned into a shoving match and an old man died. Verne doesn't even remember it happening. The police ruled it a homicide but because Verne no longer has "control of his faculties" he was not prosecuted.

    Benoit is a horrific example of the dangers of pro wrestling. The drug abuse, the steroid abuse, the alcohol abuse, the "rock star" lifestyle, the constant serious injuries, the powerful drugs they take to continue working while injured, the demands from US (the fans) for ever-increasing violence and bloodshed, the demands from US for ever-increasing gimmick matches and weapons-based spectacles. Chris Benoit gave his all to satisfy those blood-thirsty bastards in the stands booing wrestling and cheering cheese-graters and barbed-wire. Chris Benoit gave his LIFE to satisfy those ignorant and ungrateful ghouls who don't have a clue what pro wrestling is. Chris Benoit suffered brain damage as a result of trying to satisfy those very "fans" who were the first to jump on that ignorant "roid rage" bandwagon. Those people sicken me.

    Do I (and should we) forgive Benoit for taking the lives of three people? No. That's not really the issue. Hating and condemning him accomplishes absolutely nothing. The real question is, do we forgive OURSELVES for driving a performer (and that includes every damn one of them who have died because of suicide and/or drug/alcohol abuse) to such extremes that they are crippling themselves and taking powerful drugs to KEEP crippling themselves for OUR AMUSEMENT? And that's exactly what it is, our amusement. Nobody in those stands cheering baseball bats and giggling over the guys bashing each other with chairs gives a damn about those performers. All those "fans" are doing is whooping and hollering for more. The performers, trying to please those ungrateful bastards, try to accommodate them. The dangerous and ridiculous flying moves are crippling the performers. Those "fans" don't care. Well, thank God Vince does. I don't often support anything Vince does, but I do support his mandate limiting the more dangerous moves and outlawing "head shots". It's too late for Chris Benoit, but Vince is doing something to prevent more "Benoits". I applaud that.

    Chris Benoit was a tragedy that never should have happened. Because of US (the fans) pushing and pushing and pushing for more (danger, violence, bloodshed, weapons), three people died that weekend, and countless others have died too soon and will die too soon in the future. Those running around posting their idiotic "child murderer" comments are ignorant fools.

    "Forgive" is not the right word. "Understand" is more apropos. I "understand" what led to Benoit's (and his family's) end.

    For you (and anybody else who is trying to make some sense out of this whole tragedy) I recommend you read "Ring Of Hell" by Matthew Randazzo. He's a true-crime writer and this is a well-researched book. It's a bit heavy-handed in that there really aren't any "good guys" in the story, but still it is a fair account of Benoit's life and goes a long way in explaining how his life ended and what led to that end.

    Ignore "Dungeon Of Death" by Scott Keith. It's an amateurish piece of crap that makes no attempt to explain anything.

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    Nope, sorry, will never forgive him in a million years, how he could take the life of those he vowed to love and protect is too hard to comprehend, his son would of grown up to think that his father was the one person in the world that he could depend on yet it was he that did the unthinkable, i don't care if he did have the brain of an 80 year old, how many other 80 year olds do you see commiting double murder, it's no excuse. I hope God had great pleasure in turning him away from the pearly gates and saying 'uh uh no sir, wrong way"

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    Who says I haven't already forgiven him? I have, I did a long time ago because I do not hold anything against the man. People over exaggerate with Benoit but what some don't know is it's the WWE's fault he did what he did. They didn't introduce the Wellness Policy until after he died and the diving headbutt finisher gave him brain damage. Chris should be remembered for his career and not his death, just drop the murders and concentrate on his accomplishments, not downfalls. He is the 2nd best wrestler ever and WWE need to induct him into the Hall Of Fame.

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    There is absolutely no way he should be forgiven, as much as I used to love watching him compete it just really sends shivers down my spine picturing what he did to his wife and child. He should still be remembered for his in-ring abilities, he took technical wrestling to the next level and I'll never forget that.

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    Thats not up to us. Who are we to forgive him. That should be left up to the family of his wife and son, not us. Whether he was himself or not should not matter. So he was on steroids, he murdered a woman and a child and should be remembered as a coward for that.

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    nicely Benoit father needed Nancy Benoit kinfolk to report a wrongful dying lawsuit against WWE, they became into thinking it, after Christopher Nowinski became into, asking them to do a strategies examination on Benoit's strategies to work out if concussions had any area in his rage or melancholy it incredibly is while Dr. Julian Bailes, who works with Nowinski, examined Benoit's strategies via looking . The condition they chanced on became into suggested as persistent annoying encephalopathy, or CTE. Bailes suggested they chanced on harm that became into the consequence of "diverse annoying injuries." in different words strategies harm the frightening area became into that the molecular sections of Benoit's strategies confirmed the comparable outcomes as a results of fact the different athletes who had all committed suicide so which you would be able to no longer upload Chris Benoit kinfolk into this, as a results of fact the two his parents will disagree with you, they sense Vince Mcmahon ought to have been greater in charge for there son, via no longer letting him attempt against all those time he had concussions, it incredibly is why Benoit father became into scuffling with to instruct steroids has no longer something to do with what his son did nonetheless in actuality Benoit did kill his kinfolk, it incredibly is by no potential going to alter, he will continually be bear in strategies for doing that, the media press is going to substantiate Benoit will continually be label as a murderer. explanation why some wrestling followers preserve Benoit is as a results of fact he became into there hero, no longer as a results of fact of what he did in his very own existence, yet considering the he attempt against for 22 plus years as wrestler, who continually positioned his physique on the line on each given night, which became into for the followers, Benoit love being a wrestler it became into has hobby, yet he became into residing his dream to be a wrestler it is the reason some followers nonetheless preserve him, alot of wrestling followers will continually bear in strategies him as between the main familiar, respected and technically proficient performer interior the background of expert wrestling, what he did in his very own existence will continually be incorrect, and in some procedures what ensue to him has substitute wrestlers, now they're requesting some destroy day m to kick back there injures they go through on the line, nonetheless what he did in his very final days shouldn't take way the honor he earn from his wrestling profession

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    ive forgiven him. I know this sounds mean (and i know its morally rong to say this) but i was angry bout his death more then his families

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