YG AUDITION ? for a 14 yrs. old ?

I am planning to audition in YG entertainment?

Is there any possibility to become a star in korea?

i'm planning to audition in yg entertainment by mailing them ,

i'm a 14 yrs old , and from philippines .. and i can't write hangul/korean and either speak korean , but i think i'm good at singing and dancing .. is there any possibility that i will pass by mail ? and is there any possibility that i can pass ?

and if i pass, they will provide me a tutor to teach me to speak and write korean?

and how will it be long to be a trainee?

sori, i have so many questions

:D i hope somebody can answer my questionssss ,

i really appreciated if somebody answer me .

tnx .ü

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No, they will not accept you via letter. And you need to be able to communicate in the language they use.

    You need to find something else to audition for.

  • eget
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    4 years ago

    a million. you already in good age for auditions. reason they are going to be trainee for some years top? 2. i think of that's a definite. although that's ok too for you employing english. 3. particular 4. your concerns top. there're a collection of that issues. extra valuable you opt for for stay auditions 5. SM is going extra for seems than abilities. 6. do no longer placed on thick makeup. basically instruct your actual face. 7. something informal. do no longer placed on something "over too plenty" 8. as much as you yet extra valuable yo opt for music that instruct your actual voice. 9. uh...? the main useful with? 10. you do no longer could i think of. 11. particular, as i heard you may dance for a minute and instruct your skills 12. upbeat music. in case you auditioning on dance, you additionally could make your very own music for dance 13. yesss 14. particular, existence college different issues 15. i dont think of you no longer debut, coz in the event that they too might trainee in a corporation, that's experience kinda bancrupt for the corporation or by potential of any risk you are going to kick out ?

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