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What are some of the major exports from Paris?

I'm doing a french Regional project for my french class, and every website says basically the same thing: Paris is known for their fashion, wine, and cheese. Can someone be a little more specific? I really need some help.

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    Hi, Kiara!

    Bear in mind that Paris is actually the administrative capital of France and a world famous tourist centre so it is not really a place where a large amount of things are manufactured or made for export.

    Exports may be arranged from addresses in Paris for organisational purposes, but, for instance, perfume is actually made elsewhere like the town of Grasse in Provence. In fact Paris is more a centre of import for the people that live there than export, with food in particular being brought in to large markets such as Rungis. Cheese is not made in Paris, though Brie is pretty close to it. Champagne is also made close to Paris, but most wine is also produced in totally different areas of France.

    Certainly it is a centre of fashion and where the great couturiers have their headquarters and hold their fashion shows.If you look at all the great names such as Dior, Balmain, Saint-Laurent, Chanel etc.. all their houses are based in Paris.

    French exports are in all spheres:

    Cars: Renault and Peugeot for instance do have factories on the outskirts of Paris.

    Air and earth transport such as aeroplanes and public vehicles

    Weapons and tanks. Army material.

    Food: cakes, biscuits, condiment, oils, vinegar, mustard, dairy products (Danone).

    Drinks, and wine (Noyau de Passy liqueur is actually made in Paris)

    Furniture for the home, the garden and the office.

    Hardware, pots and pans (Le creuzet), knives (Sabatier)

    Electrical goods and household machinery such as Moulinex.

    Garden and security equipment.

    Plastics (Sulot bins are French)

    Textiles and furnishings

    Clothing of all kinds. (underwear to die for!)

    Sports equipment.

    Mirrors and glass

    Luggage and luxury goods

    Crystalware and bone china

    Tapestries and carpets.

    Antiques and art.

    Perfume and beauty products ( l'Oréal "because you are worth it" is a French firm and claims to be from Paris)

    The list could go on for a long time. Many of these things may not actually be made in Paris but exported by special firms that deal in import/ export that have their official base/address in Paris.

    I suggest that you google France and look at the economics section of wikepedia that will give you more details and material.

    Good luck with your project!

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