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As you know I am concerned about Canada customs giving me problems with the receiver. That is why I wanted to know if the receiver could be shipped separately from all the other parts. The way you have packaged it is Great if you feel it is safe and I wont lose anything, but if Canada Customs decides to confiscate the receiver, the way it is packaged I will also lose some of the other parts eg. stock, grip,selector switch,top cover, bi-pod etc, Maybe even the whole package. If the receiver is shipped 100% alone with tinfoil or aluminum foil wrapped around the packaging, underneath the final outside wrapping material it should be fine. I know this is a lot of extra work for you, but I don't mind paying any extra charges that it may cost, please feel free to bill me for this special service, it would be greatly appreciated. I just don't want to lose any of the shipment due to the ignorance of Canada Customs not being able to tell the difference between a real Rifle receiver and a Airsoft receiver.



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    我擔心你要寄給我的接收器(receiver在不同東西上有不同翻譯, 你們自己公司的東西, 你會翻譯更正確), 到了加拿大海關那裡會有麻煩, 所以我想知道, receiver 是否可以跟其他的零件分開來寄. 如果你認為這樣的包裝不會遺失任何零件, 那樣很好, 可是如果海關決定沒收它, 因為包裝的關係, 那我可能會損失部分零件譬如說開關器, 頂蓋.握把等等 甚至是整包東西, 如果receiver 100%單獨再用錫箔紙, 或鋁料包裝在最外層的包裝底下, 應該就沒問題, 我知道這樣會增加您很多額外的工作, 但我不介意額外付一些多增加出來的費用, 請別客氣向我索費這項特別的服務, 我將會很感激, 我只是不想忽視了加拿大海關, 因為無法分辨真正的Rifle receiver 和airsoft receiver 的不同而讓我損失任何貨品

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