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Messing with some spiritual friends via ouija board?


I need some ideas on how to mess around with some friends of mine who believe in ghosts and spirits and the like.

I'm well aware that some people here will try and tell me that they are real etc 'omg don't do it it's dangerous'. and to be frank i don't care, so don't waste your time.

We got into a discussion today about spirits and ghosts and the like and how the ouija board is undeniable proof that they are real.

So i did some research of my own, turns out that it has been proven that ouija boards are an act of the subconscious mind. I know people are going to flip when they read this, and i would invite you to read this, sourced from wikipedia

"The subconscious thought process may produce an answer that is different from what the user expected in their conscious thought process—thus perpetuating the idea that the board has "mystical powers"."

Back to the question, i challenged them to have me take part in this BS phenomenon that is the ouija board.


the question i have to ask, is how can i mess with their heads using the board?

I have already planned to test the authenticity of it at some point by making use of blindfolds and moving the board (been done in the past. ouija board started talking gibberish)

What would make spiritual teenagers flip the f**k out?

impress me with your creativity!


forgot to say; what im looking for is questions to ask the "spirits" that will seem totally inappropriate and will most likely cause them to freak out

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    I have explained the ideomotor effect you described many times and people just don't want to accept it. I am not denying that spirits and such exist, just that ouija boards are certainly not proof. Theoretically they could control the movement, but most of the time it would just be the people moving it.

    But anyway, one thing you could do would be to make up a story about a person who dies in your house with a name and background story and all, and they should move it to fit in with your story. Then you can tell them you made it all up and laugh.

    Some questions you could ask would be really personal things coupled with insults such as "You were really unlucky in love, weren't you? A bit of a loser"

    But don't take it too far, you could really upset your friends. And also, do not include things to do with their deceased relatives and friends as that is just cruel.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Using the supernatural or the paranormal to play around with people isn't such a great idea as it warrants a vast variation of consequences. If you really feel as though you want to tweak someone out- go to people they know and talk with them in secret- learn all of their secrets and then come back with the information you know but make it a point to only use what you know when the moment or situation warrants such. Trust when I say that it works every time.

    Using the Ouija can only bring dire consequences- especially when one doesn't have the experiences needed to use it nor do they understand the concepts of how to do so.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think the "subconscious" mind controlling the ouija boards is way overblown. Honestly, I think most times there is one person in the group deliberately moving the planchette for purposes of freaking out thier friends. This would be the same person who tells scary ouija board stories and is hesitant to join his friends. You don't honestly think your the first person to think about scaring your magic believing friends, do you? This tradition has gone back eons. Where do you think the myth of ouija boards comes from?

    Ask the planchette if anyone in the room is going to die. Then point to yes. Then ask if they will die soon. Point to yes. Ask if it will be in the next year. Yes. How many months. Point to 0. How many days. Point to 0. How many hours. Point to 0. Ask How many people in this room are going to die within the hour. Point to however many people are actually in the room.

    Of course, you have to have to bring the information to light slowly over 7-8 questions to build the drama. When the ouija board has established that everyone in the room is going to die within the hour, you can start saying stuff like you felt something grabbing you or you felt something push you. Chances are they will start having similar feelings.

    Use your imagination. It would be so easy to freak them out.

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  • Dr. NG
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    1 decade ago

    I don't know about messing with their heads but here's an article with a good idea.

    I've played tricks on people in the past and it's pretty easy.

    I'm sure you can figure out a trick that will work just fine.

    Keep in mind though, the Silly Express is hard to stop once it gets going. If they're silly enough to believe in nonsense, they might not get the joke or the lesson.

    Edit. I don't think your friends are spiritual. Many spiritual people are not silly enough to believe in Ouijas. They sound mystical, and all there are completely silly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, I can honestly say that there is absolutely no evidence to support a "spirit world", "ghosts", "demons" or anything else of a supernatural nature.

    Instead of trying to "freak out" your friends, I would treat it as a learning experience. Do what you mention and blindfold them, turn the board upside down and ask questions. The result should be edifying for them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    first off anytime you put forth in your mind that you are going to deal with the spirit world you Really have to know what your doing and know there may be some repercussions with any of you that plan on doing such and the game may not stop when you want it to. there is a very good chance if there is no protection is used that a negative spirit ,enitiy or lower level spirit just may decide to use any of you as a way to gain energy. know what you are doing for the spiritual world is not a toy or a joke.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I always liked the magnet idea. You know magnet below the board so you can move it around and cause everyone to be like omg!

    Still I wonder if you could do it beneath the floor boards. Reaching under the table all the time would seem to obvious.

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  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    Ouija boards are a bunch of bs I don't think they can really contact ghosts...I'm sure you're perfectly safe.

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  • Exodus
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    1 decade ago

    It would be fun to talk to their Mom without them knowing -ask her about someone in the family hat has died and then push the pointer to spell out the deceased details, maybe with some ghostly warning 'Keep driving like you do and you will die like Uncle Rodney'.

    Although you will probably have to do nothing at all to freak them out - ouija board believers seem to do that quite well with no help at all.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Whilst I don't think Ouija boards are dangerous per se. The affect on your friends emotional and mental wellbeing could be at stake playing tricks on them.

    Perhaps, you shouldn't.

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