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Great Christian Songs?

Ok now i'm getting into Christian music and i dont like the rock and stuff like that i like smooth mellow songs like this

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and this

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so can you guys tell me other christian songs like these?

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    Some of the stuff from Casting Crowns

    Caedmon's Call

    Shane and Shane

    Monk and Neagle

    Bethany Dillon (Highly reccomend!)


    Shawn Macdonald

    Andrew Ortega

    some Starfield

    some Downhere

    Jon Foreman (his solo stuff, and accoustic versions of his works with his band, Switchfoot)

    Michael Shultz

    Philip LaRue (or LaRue, the band he and his sister were in)


    Leigh Nash (or her former band, Sixpence none the Richer)

    Nichole Nordeman

    the newer Joy Williams songs (or her new band, The Civil Wars)


    some Jeremy Camp (or his wife Adie Camp)

    Jennifer Knapp (another highly reccommend)

    Sara Groves

    some Kendall Payne

    some Jars of Clay

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    family force 5





    hawk nelson

    just watch

    rock block on gospel music channel

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    tenth avenue north


    francesca battistelli

    Britt Nicole

    headed toward alternative, but not too much...

    -Addison Road

    -Worth Dying For

    jimmy needham (hurricane is my favorite)

    hillsong (amazing lyrics!)

    --my faves from hillsong: Healer, the Desert Song, You Hold Me Now....

    Jimmy Needham is my favorite from this list. (:

    -hope i helped :)

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