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all my white clothes got dyed blue by my jeans in the laundry. How can I get them back white?

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    I'm sure there are tons of products that might be able to remove it, but an easier and quicker way is to use common household bleach. I recently had a similar problem...some of my Juicy pink sweatpants bled onto a bunch of my white work shirts. I just put the white shirts in the sink with warm water and a pretty good amount of bleach. Within 10 minutes or so they were bright again. Just make sure you keep your eye on them so they don't start deteriorating. Rinse them out really well then wash them by themselves, and use a little extra fabric softener.

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    I think bleach will turn them yellow, but you could try. If you have put the shirts in the dryer then the ink is likely set in. All you can do, I think, is dye them a new color if you want and have new shirts. Sorry.

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    Bleach them. There are also products to help remove color that are sold with fabric dye. You could try one of those too.

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    Tide with bleach, let them soak for a long while then rinse twice.

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    Just wash them in bleach,it will work.

    Good Luck!

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    bleach maybe

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