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Was St.Louis Blues hockey team with Chicago Browns before St. Louis?

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    The Chicago Browns/Pittsburgh Stogies were a baseball team in 1884.

    In 1934-35, the original Ottawa Senators relocated to St. Louis and played one season as the St. Louis Eagles before folding before the the following year due to increased travel costs associated with having a team in St. Louis at that time. (The Eagles had to play a large number of games in Montreal and Toronto because they had assumed the Senators' place in the Canadian Division in defiance of all geographic realit)y.On October 15, 1935, the NHL bought back the franchise and players contracts for $40,000 and suspended the Eagles' operations again, opting to play as an eight-team league. Under the agreement, the NHL paid for the players and regained possession of the franchise. If the franchise had ever been resold, the proceeds would have gone to the Ottawa Hockey Association.

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    I'm not completely sure what you mean - but the St. Louis Blues have only ever been the St. Louis Blues. They were created during the first round of expansion in 1967-68.

    There used to be a St. Louis Browns baseball team, but they moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles long ago.

    The Chicago Cardinals football team moved to St. Louis and played there from 1961-1988 when they moved to Phoenix.

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