if the pain in my ear infection goes away, does that mean the ear infection itself is getting better?

on thursday i woke up EXTREMELY congested from my nose all the way to my ears. friday morning i woke up and my ear hurt, so i went to the doctor's later that day. i got three prescriptions for a middle ear infection; amoxicillin (liquid form, because i've always had a problem with pills), nasonex, and antibiotic eardrops. however, i haven't had the best luck with my amoxicillin. i haven't taken it and it's now sunday night. although my ear stopped hurting and it's just plugged up, does that mean i'm getting better?

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    You SHOULD ALWAYS take an antibiotic prescription as directions follow.. even if you are 100% better...still keep taking them for the recommended days.. your body will build up an immunity to them, if you continue to just disregard and not take the full dose. That's just how they work. Second off... antibiotics have now been shown to NOT make any difference in an ear infection.. and are COMPLETELY unnecessary to use for an ear infection.. unless it has gotten so bad that's its lasted longer than 4 days and is still painful. If you dont believe me, research antibiotics for ear infections and see for yourself. Ive known this now for some time.. and my doctor also doesn't prescribe them for my children's ear infections. Anti biotics are sooo overused.. any doctor will prescribe them 'just because'....if your ears are no longer hurting.. they are getting better.. it takes several days.. antibiotics will not take the pain away nor make you get better any faster.. which is why its not necessary.

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    It's possible that the infection is going away on it's own. However, when a doc prescribed medication normally it says on the bottle to use the entire amount regardless of how well you feel (if you feel better halfway through it).

    The antibotic ear drops are probably the only thing that has helped you since it has the power to kill the infection.

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    there according to risk fluid nonetheless interior the interior ear or the interior ear continues to be swollen or the two. i could keep utilising the ear drops. it takes time for it to circulate away as a results of fact if the small tubes interior the ear. i had a severe hypersensitive reaction assault in nov.2007, which became right into a sinus an infection and clogged my ears. 7 months later my ears are nonetheless clogged yet slowely getting greater suitable. discomfort interior the ****

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    Follow the direction od the doctor not the internet.

    Take the medicine as directed and keep in contact with the doctor and tell him about your concerns and listen to what they say.

    Ear infections can be very serious and are difficult to cure because

    people do not follow the direction of their doctor.

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    it may be getting better but the amoxicillin is for fighting infection and will deffinately help faster the nasonex could be so you do not get sinusitis from a bad sinus infection

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    An infection could be eating away at your nerves so that it doesn't hurt anymore, but is actually getting worse.

    I would suggest taking the medicine, if you don't, why did you bother to go to the doctor in the first place?

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