What is The BEST cracker.?

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"Thought" not though
Update : I was just in my kitchen for a snack and grabbed a few Ritz crackers and ...show more
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ahh yess i know EXACTLY what you mean! they dooo taste more buttery than any other. you cannot go wrong with ritz! ha its just one of those things that you should buy the "value time" kind. and i have to say that triscuts and wheat thins are really good too, especially w/ cheese (:

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So you feel about the Ritz..Nice
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  • Mysterious Millie answered 5 years ago
    cheez itz if those are counted as a cracker lol I love the cheddar jack kind..mmmm....
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  • H-man answered 5 years ago
    I like crisp breads if you class them as a cracker.
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  • bandyemmie answered 5 years ago
    I love white cheddar cheeseitz
    I love Club Crackers with the little ridge for dips and stuff
    I also like Ritz Chips
    I love oyster crackers for my soup
    Chicken in a Biscut when I need some comfort

    Ritz are great in a lot of caseroles I make

    Man I am craving cheeseits now! Yeah I am board too so I am playing on Yahoo Answers.
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  • anitza answered 5 years ago
    Keebler's Club Crackers are the best to me...Ritz is a bit too salty for me...even the lighlty salted ones taste off...LOL
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  • Mizz SJG answered 5 years ago
    Triscuit - Rosemary & Olive Oil
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  • SJayNJ answered 5 years ago
    I like CLUB. I just do.
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  • Geggetta714 answered 5 years ago
    ritz all the way im eating them write now
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  • :P!!!! answered 5 years ago
    i luv ritz !!
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