What is the best gift for a 13 year old teen girl you can think of?

my best friends birthdays coming up and i have no idea what to get her. it needs to top a fish. ha ha. she plays softball and vollyball. but i dont wat to get her just clothes..something original. shes not really girlie. loves sports. fav color is blue. loves taylor swift. um and i cant get her an animal. has to be relitively cheap so not to much $. thx u!

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    I'd say athletic stuff, but wrap it in a basket & present it cool, like a gift basket full of knee pads, a volleyball, new spandex, prewrap, some school shirts, books about volleyball, etc. My best friend sounds like yours (minus the Taylor Swift thing lol), and I gave her something similar to this for her birthday and she loved it! xo Cass

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    posters of her fav things (maybe a taylor swift poster?)

    cds of her fav singers and bands

    uhmm something yu guuys can liek share or have matching of(matching earrings and necklaces,ect)

    (; hope i helped

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    iTunes gift certificate for $10 dollars =) Very good choice.

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