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Should the Phillies sign a starting pitcher from free agency in the offseason? if so, who?


I would love for them to get Halladay or Lackey but both would be too expensive.

I think they should go after Jon Garland. He's a righty and he'll be a lot cheaper. He should make a solid 3, 4 or 5 starting pticher in their rotation

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    they need to re-up Cliff Lee, and get a 2nd tier starter. They cannot afford Halliday, Maybe Padilla..

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    Jon Garland sounds like a good idea: righty, cheaper, and I think he's a lot better than people think he is. The Dodgers just let him go, even though he was, like, 5-2 with a 2.58 ERA or something.

    They should definitely trade for Halladay if they can, but not if it depletes the minors. They should also definitely bid for Lackey; who knows, they could get him for a good deal. Garland would be a very good fall-back if those don't work out.

  • nori
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    No, their rotation is desperate. Their considerable subject could be to resign Jayson Werth. Frankly there is not any reason they are able to't. they have the money. because it extremely is, the Yankees will probably make a severe attempt to get Werth. i could in basic terms be aggravating approximately Brad Lidge. On returned, off returned. To his credit he appeared to have discovered himself overdue final season. i could nonetheless be very careful in that section. Cliff Lee is the enormous question mark. the place will he finally end up? The Yankees have the money, the Phillies would have burned their bridges with Lee. of direction money each and every so often makes the terrific of pals out of the extra serious of enemies. Texas has a shot yet while Lee is finding for playoff money for the the remainder of his occupation he want in basic terms look north to special apple.

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    Do they even need one? This is their rotation, and Hamels will be back to normal because he will be healthy.





    and either Moyer/Pedro/Drabek

    Obviously Lackey would be huge to get but I would rather have that rotation and be able to resign Victorino, Werth, and Rollins in the next few years. Putting tons of money on one player withh make the Phillies payroll spike.

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    They should get John Lackey, he'd be a good fit in Philadelpha. Or halladay of course

  • I think they need to explore the Option of trading for Roy Holladay again. If they get Holladay to go along with cliff lee and Cole Hamels can get back to 2008 form, then they will be back in the World Series again.

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    I like Garland for a middle of the rotation guy. That's what they need and that's what they should get. No more. No less.

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    they should try to get roy halliday or sign John Lackey or randt wolf

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    i agree with shy guy, might be a bit tough on th emoney aspect, but they should at least try.

    go phillies!

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